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A wide array of capabilities makes our DDR2 an excellent memory choice for the diverse needs of many applications—from automotive, networking and industrial to legacy consumer, server and computing. In fact, we’ve designed both the long-term roadmap and the product features of our DDR2 memory with those needs in mind.

By Density

Density Width Voltage Clock Rate Package Op. Temp.
4Gb x8, x4 1.8V 400 MHz FBGA 0C to +85C
2Gb x16, x4, x8 1.8V 400 MHz, 333 MHz, 533 MHz FBGA 0C to +85C, -40C to +95C, -40C to +105C
1Gb x16, x8, x4 1.8V 400 MHz, 533 MHz, 333 MHz FBGA -40C to +95C, 0C to +85C, -40C to +105C, -40C to +125C
512Mb x16, x8, x4 1.8V 400 MHz, 533 MHz, 333 MHz FBGA 0C to +85C, -40C to +95C, -40C to +105C, -40C to 125C
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By Application



Enable better electrical performance and speed compared to DDR.


High Reliability

Withstand extreme temperatures with extended operating ranges.

Density Range

High Density

Enable large memory subsystems with 256Mb to 4Gb densities, thanks to our dual-die package.

Power Efficiency

Low Power

Reduce power with our low 1.55V option.


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Customer Service Note

(CSN-11) Explains product part marking, and product and packaging labels.


Model Revision 2.1, Die Revision M, Temps include AIT, AAT and AUT, Other parts include MT47H64M16NF-25E AUT:M

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  • Updated: 10/12/2015


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Our automotive solutions are aligned with industry requirements for innovation, high reliability, and long-term product support.


Customer collateral describing the benefits of Product Lifecycle Solutions, including Standard Lifecycle Products and Product Longevity Program (PLP)

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  • Updated: 07/31/2015

Our extensive and stable portfolio of IMM-focused memory solutions empower technology developments in automotive, industrial, medical, manufacturing, and other multimarket segments.

Case Study

Founded in 2004, Italy-based Engicam has a proven track record of providing design services for technologyintensive electronic systems. Learn how they partnered with Micron to deliver versatility and durability.