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Microchip background


A wide array of capabilities makes our DDR2 an excellent memory choice for the diverse needs of many applications—from automotive, networking and industrial to legacy consumer, server and computing. In fact, we’ve designed both the long-term roadmap and the product features of our DDR2 memory with those needs in mind.

By Density

Density Width Voltage Clock Rate Package Op. Temp.
4Gb x8 1.8V 400 MHz FBGA 0C to +85C
2Gb x8, x16, x4 1.8V 400 MHz, 333 MHz FBGA -40C to +95C, 0C to +85C, -40C to +105C
1Gb x8, x16 1.8V 400 MHz, 533 MHz FBGA 0C to +85C, -40C to +95C, -40C to +105C, -40C to +125C
512Mb x16, x8 1.8V 400 MHz FBGA 0C to +85C, -40C to +95C, -40C to +105C, -40C to 125C
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Product Information
DDR SDRAM to DDR2 SDRAM comparison chart
  • Updated: 09/22/2015
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Micron's DDR2 SDRAM.
  • Updated: 10/01/2015