About Us

Micron Technology is a world leader in innovative memory solutions that transform how the
world uses Information. Through our global brands — Micron, Crucial and Ballistix — we
offer the industry’s broadest portfolio, and are the only company that manufactures today’s
major memory and storage technologies: DRAM, NAND, NOR, and 3D XPoint™ memory

Micron Vision Statement

Transforming how the world uses information to enrich life

Micron Mission Statement

Be a global leader in memory and storage solutions

Micron Company Values

People | Innovation | Tenacity | Collaboration | Customer Focus

Our Commitment

Nothing is more important than our commitment to integrity. The quality of our reputation is just as important as the quality of our products.

Our future is built on continuous innovation, but our day-to-day operations wouldn’t be possible without our team members’ commitment to conducting business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

We take a proactive approach to environmental stewardship, occupational health and safety, and high-quality product standards. As a result, our award-winning efforts have been recognized internationally.

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Ahead of the Curve

Fast Data

Making Use of Fast Data's Golden Potential

Learn more about applying fast data to today's technology

What does an assortment of data look like? When Micron Business Development Manager Eric Caward pictures a collection of data, he envisions a mountain, where each individual piece of dirt and rock represents a piece of information. At first glance, this mountain looks like a mound of big data—potential that may resemble a pile of dirt to some. But savvy miners know that some mountains contain flakes of gold.

Intel's Knights Landing

We’re Flexing Our Quads

Learn more about QLC NAND technology

The vast majority of your data needs to be read quickly — not rewritten repeatedly. Embrace these read-centric needs and unlock the value of your data more efficiently and affordably with the industry’s first QLC SSDs, which are built on Micron’s leading QLC NAND flash technology.

automotive GDDR6

Automotive GDDR6 Aids Designing and Testing High Reliability Systems

Learn about Micron's automotive GDDR6

Leading to capabilities never imagined, Micron’s automotive compliant GDDR6 SGRAM is driving performance in automotive to new levels.

Global Customer Labs

Collaboration in Action

Learn more about our Customer Labs

No question—capitalizing on the capabilities of our memory and storage solutions at the system level can significantly differentiate and improve your product’s performance. Our ten Global Customer Labs can help you maximize your design with an innovative blend of leading-edge tools and equipment, hands-on collaboration, and memory expertise that spark brilliant solutions.

Micron Jobs and Careers

Be Part of the Team

We have job openings at Micron all around the world.

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future of engineering

Micron Foundation

We are focused on developing effective
programs that promote science, technology,
engineering, and math education; and to
participate in activities that address the priorities
and concerns of the communities where Micron
employees live and work.

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