Graphics memory

Micron's complete portfolio includes GDDR7, GDDR6X and GDDR6 high-performance graphics memory products that have been designed to enable next-gen graphics in consoles, AI systems and beyond.

Micron's graphics leadership

Delivering next-gen graphics memory

Micron GDDR7 total system bandwidth and power efficiency delivers the optimal end user experience for graphics applications.

Engineering excellence and innovation leadership

Micron helped pioneer the multi-level signaling technology, which led to our success with PAM3. Our continued innovation and dedication to component performance results in speeds of up to 32 Gb/s.

Conquering gaming and AI inference workloads

Micron’s graphics memory solutions support the rapidly evolving gaming requirements and edge AI inference applications on CPU, GPU and NPU.

GDDR7: Highest graphics bandwidth with improved power efficiency and reliability

The highest-performance graphics memory, GDDR7 elevates the user experience by delivering performance for workloads with more than 1.5 TB/s system bandwidth at 32 Gb/s pin speed.


GDDR6X: PAM4 signaling techniques speed gaming and AI

By using PAM4 multilevel signaling, Micron GDDR6X transfers more data at a much faster rate, moving two bits of information at a time to double the I/O data rate.


GDDR6: Increased I/O speed in a traditional DDR package design

Originally designed for graphics processing, GDDR6 is a high-performance memory solution that delivers faster data packet processing and buffering via 32 DQs per component and data rates up to 16 Gb/s.


GDDR7: Micron delivers the best possible graphics experience

Microns GDDR7 provides users with a next-level experience for AI, gaming and high-performance computing.

Blue rendering of a GDDR6X memory chip

Graphics memory comparison

Graphics memory GDDR7 GDDR6X GDDR6
Workload Graphics AI Inference Accelerator     Graphics AI Inference Accelerator Graphics AI Inference Accelerator
Number of placements 12 12 12
GB/s/pin 28-32 19-24 14-20
GB/s/placement 112-128 76-96 56-80
GB/s/system 1344-1536 912-1152 672-960
Configuration (example) 384 IO 384 IO 384 IO
Frame buffer of typical system 24GB 24GB 24GB
Average device power (pJ/bit) 4.5 6 6.5
Typical IO channel PCB (P2P SM) PCB (P2P SM) PCB (P2P SM)

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