High-bandwidth memory

Explore Micron’s portfolio of high-bandwidth memory products designed to accelerate next-gen AI systems, professional visualization workstations, and high-performance computing.

Micron’s high-bandwidth memory portfolio: Powering the future of AI and high-performance computing​

Micron’s high-bandwidth memory portfolio stands at the forefront of technological innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the demands of AI and high-performance computing. With products like HBM3E, Micron delivers exceptional performance, speed and memory bandwidth. The portfolio is marked by its industry-leading power efficiency and seamless scalability allowing for smooth scaling of AI applications.

HBM3E built for AI and supercomputing with industry-leading process technology

Micron extends industry-leading performance across our data center product portfolio with HBM3E. Delivering faster data rates, improved thermal response, and 50% higher monolithic die density within the same package footprint as the previous generation.

Micron's HBM3 Gen3

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