High-bandwidth memory

HBM2E memory

HBM2E is one of Micron's high-bandwidth memories, designed for applications that demand maximum throughput between memory and processing.


HBM2E: Performance is everything

Solving the toughest challenges requires a compute foundation with fast memory. Our HBM2E delivers the necessary performance, massive parallelism and power efficiency for next-generation data centers and high-performance compute systems.

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Integrating and operating HBM2E memory

Read our new tech brief for best practices from Micron experts on how you and your ecosystem of integrators can achieve maximum performance from the high-performance memory in Micron’s ultra-bandwidth solutions portfolio.

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The stacked silicon miracles of high-performance memory

When nothing else matters but speed. Rebecca Lewington talks with Micron VP Akshay Singh, who leads the R&D team that created Micron’s amazing HBM2E memory in-package memory. TSV interconnect is just one thing that makes our stacked memory so fast.

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HBM2E: The leader in high-performance memory

This infographic tells what HBM2E is, why it’s necessary for applications like AI and high-performance computing and why being closer to the CPU matters for high-bandwidth performance.

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