Our pact of impact

At Micron, we are thought leaders who do more than think. We act — responsibly and intelligently by instituting social and environmental priorities which dramatically impact our people, communities, and planet for long-term sustainability.


Fast Forward: Micron’s 2021 Sustainability Report

Despite massive global challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Micron fiercely accelerated our commitment to sustainability by increasing our focus on our DEI commitments, environmental targets, and giving programs. We’ve outlined our significant progress here in our 2021 Sustainability Report.


Fast Forward: 2021 Progress Summary

Our 2021 Sustainability Progress Summary offers highlights of our most significant environment, social and governance efforts and showcases how the company responded to challenges in 2020 by taking meaningful and influential actions.


Fast Forward: 2021 Sustainability Report

Micron’s 2021 Sustainability Report is a comprehensive look at our sustainability strategy, programs and progress with a focus on product innovation, responsible operations and sourcing, and engaged team members.


Key Pillars of our Sustainability Report

As global innovators, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. How we approach our business, operations and sourcing practices affects our team members, our communities and our planet, as well as our customers’ sustainability. That’s why our sustainability program encompasses our environment, social and governance programs holistically. We look at all avenues of influence to challenge and strengthen our sustainability strategy, which focuses on: leadership products, responsible operations and sourcing, and engaged team members.

All people. All resources. All in. Micron delivers opportunity for all with an unwavering commitment to the communities in which we live, work, learn, and play. Our generous grants, programs, and volunteers focus on promoting human potential through STEM education, basic human needs and equitable opportunities.

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As stewards of our valuable resources, Micron values ring true. Innovation, collaboration and tenacity are core values, defining how we shape operational improvements. We established four new long-term environmental goals to address our targets for energy, emissions, water and waste. We intend to spend approximately $1 billion over the next 5–7 years on actions to achieve these goals.

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Micron is more than the products we make; we are the reputation that we build. That reputation, our legacy, is built by people — an investment rooted deep in our culture and aligned with our commitments in team member programs worldwide. Our people deliver on our commitments, drive our growth, and invent our future. Our priority is creating a better, more equitable workplace focused on people.

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Focusing on the Rights of People with Disabilities > 

Our products are the product of uncompromising innovation. These technologies are already playing a huge role in global sustainability, with virtually limitless potential into the future. A new generation of technologies, including artificial intelligence, 5G and the intelligent edge have the potential to expand what is possible for society and our planet. By enabling rapid advancements in memory and storage, Micron is unlocking the innovations that will make a better, more sustainable future possible.

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We believe that intelligent, sustainable practices in sourcing begin with us. Micron manages a complex, global supply chain comprising a massive, diverse network of materials, equipment and services required to support our operations — from office supplies to highly specialized design components. Our rigorous, end-to-end sourcing standards enhance the sustainability of our operations while improving social and environmental conditions through our industry’s exacting supply chain.

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