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K-12 STEM education programs

A quality education should not depend on a person’s neighborhood, town, race, religion, gender or socioeconomics. We firmly believe that education should be for all. Our programs and grants are designed to increase access to STEM education beginning in elementary school, where kids are just starting to explore their interests. The earlier students experience STEM activities, the more likely they are to continue exploring STEM education and careers in the future.

Chip Camp

Designed for middle school students, Chip Camp is filled with engaging, hands-on STEM activities that highlight aspects of the semiconductor and engineering fields.

Chip Camp students lwatch instructor demo welding techniques

Girls Going Tech

Girls Going Tech is a unique model that blends STEM activities with mentorship to inspire female, nonbinary or gender-fluid middle school students to pursue careers in technology.

Two girls proudly admire their completed robot project

Micron Gives 2023 year-end summary

2023 year-end summary

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