EDI Business Partners

What you need to know about becoming a Micron EDI Business Partner or expanding your company’s EDI capabilities

What are the benefits of EDI implementation?

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Save money

By reducing the costs of document delivery and processing and by eliminating hardcopy mailing costs

Save time

By reducing how long it takes to send or receive documents from hours or days to minutes, by eliminating rework, by enabling real-time access to your business data

Improve efficiency

By automating the transfer of data, by shortening the document-processing cycle, by eliminating potential errors, by using data consistently and by having your data available in near real-time

What type of communication is best for your business?

We can work with whatever solution is best for your company.

Point-to-point protocol

Also called direct EDI, point-to-point EDI is an individual, secure internet connection between two business partners.

This option is commonly used by business partners that frequently transmit and receive large amounts of data. Both of the business partners must agree on which messaging protocols to use and purchase the software for those protocols.

Value added network (VAN) provider

A VAN provider facilitates the secure exchange of electronic documents via its “document mailbox” service with each business partner having their documents sent to and retrieved from the mailbox. The VAN provider maintains the security and history of transmissions.

Should you choose an in-house or third-party service provider?

In-house Solution

  • Gives your company more control of the system, of the system’s management and its security

  • Includes costs for EDI software, communications software, mapping and standards-based translation software, EDI and mapping specialists and for ongoing upgrades, support and maintenance

Third-party Solution

  • Provides full receipt and delivery of business documents and assumes responsibility for all data mapping, translation, technical support, data center operations and reporting.

  • Includes costs for volume of data transmitted via EDI messages, for support and training, and for other contract-based services

What kinds of EDI implementation are possible with Micron?

A full, direct-sales EDI implementation with Micron contains the main Order to Cash (OTC) transactions:

  • Purchase Order (PO)
  • Purchase Order Response
  • Order Change
  • Order Change Response
  • Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
  • Invoice

Enabling the full OTC cycle ensures that all of the key business processes, from the creation of an order through delivery to the final billing, are fully automated—making certain that data is exchanged between Micron and our customers with a high degree of speed and accuracy.

If a customer chooses not to support the full OTC data exchange, Micron prefers to at least implement the PO, Order Change and Invoice transactions. The PO and Order Change transactions provide Micron with exact customer order data. The initial order and any subsequent changes to the sales order data in the Micron system will exactly match the purchase order data in the customer's system. This level of data accuracy gives both parties confidence that the product being shipped to the customer meets their needs and that it will be received by the customer on time. Adding the invoice to this basic data flow ensures that billing information is sent and received promptly and accurately after product delivery.

Implementing Purchase Order Response, Order Change Response and Advance Ship Notice add further business value to the EDI exchange. These transactions help keep the data in sync between the Micron system and the customer’s system. They are highly recommended and can be implemented on a case-by-case basis, per customer request.

Support Documentation

Functional information for inbound EDI purchase order (PO) EDIFACT - ORDERS ANSI X12 - 850

Sales Support (PDF) – 5.11.2017
In order for Micron to best automate the processing of inbound orders from our customers, we have created a standard electronic order format. This standard format includes specific information that the Micron sales team requires in order to ensure order accuracy, correct data routing within our SAP system and accurate delivery of the ordered product.

Functional information for outbound Advance Ship Notice (ASN) EDIFACT - DESADV ANSI X12 - 856

Sales Support (PDF) – 5.11.2017
Micron has created a standard electronic Advance Ship Notice (ASN) document format. This standard format includes specific details from the purchase order that was received by the Micron SAP system, as well as shipping specific data.

Functional information for outbound Invoice EDIFACT - INVOIC ANSI X12 - 810

Sales Support (PDF) – 5.11.2017
Micron has created a standard electronic invoice document format. This standard format includes specific details from the purchase order that was received by the Micron SAP system, as well as billing specific data.

Functional information for outbound EDI purchase order confirmation EDIFACT - ORDRSP ANSI X12 - 855

Sales Support (PDF) – 5.11.2017
Micron has created a standard electronic order confirmation document. This standard format includes specific details from the purchase order that was received by the Micron SAP system. The use of this standardized format will allow faster implementations with our customers, and a more accurate exchange of data between our systems.

Are you ready to implement EDI today?

Whether the answer is “Yes, my company is EDI enabled” or “No, we are not yet enabled but would like to be..."

Your next step is to contact us and let us help you. Email EDI@micron.com and we will work with you and your Micron sales representative to review your enablement needs.

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