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Video Surveillance

Edge Storage for Video Surveillance

Smart. Reliable. Secure

Introducing leading edge Micron Flash technology to enable new use cases in video surveillance deployments

The Micron Advantage

Broad Portfolio

Full Portfolio Edge Storage Solutions:

32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256 GB capacities giving designers flexibility to use the right density solution for their use cases


High Quality:

2 million hours mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) or 0.44% annualized failure rate (AFR) , 2X more reliable than a typical surveillance HDD



3 year warranty of continuous 24x7, high-quality video recording in a wide range of temperatures and environments



Special firmware designed for continuous video recording to minimizing frame drops and video loss

Application Expertise


Health monitoring feature for self-monitoring, including information on card usage and expected useful life remaining for each card for predictive maintenance


Password lock / unlock to protect data

Edge Storage

Edge Storage is the recording of video and storing it at the camera instead of – or in redundancy with – a centralized recording facility across the network. This feature is enabled through a Micron industrial microSD memory card, which provides a smart, reliable and secure solution for IP cameras. Micron’s edge storage solutions are designed specifically for emerging use cases in commercial and enterprise surveillance deployments that will not only deliver cost savings at the project level, but will also ease surveillance system designs and speed deployments. Micron’s new Industrial microSD cards provide a unique level of intelligence, reliability and security for locally storing large amounts of video at the network edge, giving system designers unprecedented freedom and flexibility in designing and cost-optimizing large distributed surveillance systems.



The video monitoring market is growing rapidly worldwide thanks to the almost insatiable demand to have visual sensing of the environments around us — be it in and around our homes, buildings, factories, enterprises or infrastructures. However the number of systems that get deployed and where is more limited by the supply-side economics of video cameras and the complexity of...


New industrial microSD cards designed for commercial and enterprise surveillance deliver cost savings, ease system design and speed deployments

Technical Brief

Learn how Micron's microSD card designed for the IP video surveillance industry helps developers and system integrators bring enhanced system performance, recording redundancy, optimized network load reduction and lower TCO to edge storage applications.

Case Study

Learn how Repon, a global leading manufacturer of high-quality ball bearing slides , implemented an edge storage solution using Micron's industrial microSD cards, and how they will benefit from a TCO perspective.


Memory Card

Memory Cards

Ideal for mission-critical IIoT applications that require robust memory, our memory cards provide industrial-grade performance, reliability, quality, longevity and security.

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