Micron Accelerated Solutions for Red Hat Ceph Storage


Ceph provides scalability and performance for the modern data center. Micron combines this software defined storage innovation with Micron advanced technology and extensive engineering experience using Ceph to create reference architectures that help you accelerate deployments with optimized results.

How It’s Built

Our portfolio of Accelerated Ceph Storage Solutions leverage industry-standard servers with Red Hat® Ceph™ Storage, fast Micron NVMe SSDs and DRAM memory. Our configurations deliver up to 3.2 Million IOPS and reach up to 387 Gb/s1 throughput – enough to support up to 15,480 Ultra High-Definitions simultaneous streams.



Why Red Hat Ceph Storage?

Red Hat Ceph Storage’s software-defined storage architecture provides unified access to block, file and object storage, allowing you to integrate into your existing hardware infrastructure for lower capital costs and higher flexibility. Engineered for data analytics and emerging workloads, Red Hat Ceph Storage offers self-healing, multi-tenant storage for cloud, virtualized and containerized applications like Red Hat OpenStack and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platforms.


Key Benefits

  • Deploy with ease: Pre-tuned “turn-key” Ceph Storage platforms supported by Red Hat, freeing your IT teams to focus on high-value tasks like fast deployments.
  • Scale with ease: To expand capacity or performance, add hosts to the Red Hat Ceph Storage cluster or add SSDs to a host. No need to overprovision!
  • Boost performance: Get better performance with solutions optimized by expert engineers at the platform level. 
  • Lower CapEx: Lower acquisition costs while driving better results with fully tested and documented solutions optimized for enterprise-grade SSDs and advanced DRAM. 

Up to 3.2 Million IOPs2

Up to 15,480+ Ultra-HD1 Streams

(4K Small Block Random Reads @ 1.31 ms avg latency) (4MB Large Object Random Reads @ 52 ms latency)
 Red Hat 1  Red Hat 2
Excellent for: Cloud Infrastructure Excellent for: Media Streaming (supports up to 47 GiBps2)


Benchmark software and workloads used in performance tests may have been optimized for performance only on Micron products. Performance tests are measured using specific computer systems, components, software, operations and functions. Any change to any of those items may cause the performance results to differ from the results claimed. Micron advises you to consult other information and performance tests that may be available from other sources to assist you in fully evaluating your contemplated purchases.


Solution  Solution Brief  Reference Architecture 


 AMD EPYC™  Micron 9200 + 5210 ION  PDF PDF


 Intel® Xeon®  Micron 9300 PDF PDF


 AMD EPYC™  Micron 7300 PDF PDF


 AMD EPYC™  Micron 9300 PDF PDF


 AMD EPYC™  Micron 7450 PDF  
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1Per Netflix “Internet Connection Speed Recommendations“ of 25Mb per 4K stream

2Per Micron Red Hat Ceph Reference Architecture