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WekaIO and Micron have created a scalable, software-defined storage architecture that brings the performance of Micron SSDs with NVMe™ together with WekaFS™ to energize your data-intensive workloads.

Why WekaFS and Micron SSDs With NVMe?

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Starting as small as 30TB and scaling to hundreds of petabytes in a single namespace. Leveraging the performance of NVMe with the scale of cloud-centric object storage, WekaFS and Micron can provide the scalability modern workloads demand.

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Simplicity is at the heart of WekaFS. Simple to understand, simple to deploy and simple to manage, WekaFS uses a single global namespace and supports only two tiers of persistent storage: NVMe SSDs for active data and a cloud-centric object store for a data lake. Decisions on where an actual file exists are automatically managed to ensure the best performance possible for each workload.

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When the goal was to get the best possible performance results for three industry-standard benchmarks, WekaIO chose Micron 9000 series SSDs with NVMe; resulting in impressive performance metrics for the SPEC SFS® 2014, the HPC IO-500 and the financial industry’s STAC-M3™ benchmarks.


How It's Built

The WekaIO architecture offers a departure from legacy storage systems. WekaFS is a fully distributed, parallel file system that is designed to deliver high-performance file services. It leverages SSDs with NVMe while offering massive scalability using object storage. WekaFS supports a broad set of client access, file-based protocols via POSIX, NFS, CIFS and NVIDIA GPUDirect™ Storage.

Figure that shows WekaFS supports a broad set of client access, file-based protocols via POSIX, NFS, CIFS and NVIDIA GPUDirect™ Storage

Common WekaFS Deployment Models

  • On-Premises Storage – In local data centers using SSDs with NVMe and WekaIO-native object storage or any S3-compliant, on-premises object store.
  • Native Public Cloud – On Amazon Web Services EC2 instances with locally attached SSDs with NVMe and Amazon S3 object storage.
  • Hybrid Cloud – On-premises servers to host high-performance SSDs with NVMe in combination with public S3-compliant object storage services.

To learn more, visit the links below or contact your Micron account representative to see how Micron and WekaIO can help you accelerate your business.

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