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Consumer/Connected Home


You can do anything when memory is in everything

VR glasses, smart watches, UHD TVs, even kitchen appliances—consumers want to be wowed. Technology today must do, connect, store, and share more than ever before. It must amaze. And Micron Embedded Memory Solutions help it do that.

The Micron Advantage

Broad Portfolio

Broad product portfolio

featuring the latest technologies and a wide range of memories, densities, and form factors.

Application Expertise

Application experts

with in-depth knowledge of specific embedded system application and regional requirements.

Ecosystem Enablement

Ecosystem enablement

helps you collaborate with global partners to speed product development and time to market.



Learn how to boost speed, save space and lower energy consumption with Xccela™ flash memory.

Technical Brief

Micron SSDs are built with advanced security technology to keep your data private and to protect the integrity of the SSD and its firmware.

White Paper

A study that analyzes how Linux deals with I/O requests from the user space and explores the parameters that impact access performance.


When we launched G5X just over a year ago, we were proud to deliver the world’s fastest discrete memory for NVIDIA’s highest performance gaming and workstation-class graphics cards. To keep up with the insatiable demands on memory from high performance GPUs for gaming, visualization and artificial intelligence, we continue to push the envelope for graphics memory data rates...




Whether inside a refrigerator or VR glasses, accelerate your product development and get to market faster with tested and proven Micron DRAM.

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Managed NAND

Managed NAND

Mobile, home, automotive—embedded eFlash applications are everywhere. Designing for them is complex. Fully managed NAND like eMMC, UFS and SSDs make it easier.

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Memory Card

Memory Cards

Industrial IoT applications are demanding and push memory to its limits. Micron SD and Micro SD cards deliver the reliability, performance, and security they require.

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Multichip Packages

Multichip Packages

With critical features built in, multichip packages deliver performance, quality, efficiency, density and temperature ranges, and minimized size while streamlining implementation.

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NAND Flash

SLC, MLC, TLC, Serial and 3D NAND, embedded Flash solutions are rapidly expanding what consumer and home products can do—and helping them do it faster.

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NOR flash

NOR Flash

Looking for the fastest bootable memory solution that is also reliable, easy to implement, and requires minimal management? Micron NOR Flash is what you want.

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Are you looking for memory or storage for your personal system?

We provide a full range of award-winning memory and storage products through our consumer brands.

 www.crucial.com  www.ballistixgaming.com

SSDs and DRAM memory for desktops, laptops, servers and workstations

Memory and SSD gaming components

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