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Automotive Memory Solutions

Innovation Driven

Many of today’s car buyers care more about the technologies in their dash than about what’s under the hood. Demand for infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and wireless connectivity is taking automotive designs to the next level, requiring more memory than ever before. That's where we come in. With Micron, you don’t just get a memory supplier — you get technical expertise, a long-term partnership and a complete portfolio of high-quality, reliable automotive memory solutions to optimize your designs and accelerate your time to market.

The Micron Advantage

With more than 25 years of automotive experience, Micron has a proven history as a long-term partner in the automotive ecosystem. We provide leading-edge memory solutions for automotive applications, help enhance system performance, and put quality, reliability and regulatory compliance above all else.

Broad Portfolio Broad Portfolio
Build in memory solutions that have been rigorously tested in a variety of environments (including extreme temperatures) to meet the needs of a wide range of automotive applications.
Quality Quality
Take advantage of automotive memory solutions that are optimized from start to finish — from component design, to fabrication, to finished packaging — for quality and compliance with ISO/TS certification requirements.
Collaboration Collaboration
Enable superior driving experiences thanks to Micron, who is driving partnerships across the automotive ecosystem to accelerate automotive innovation and deliver optimal automotive solutions.
Application Expertise Expertise
Implement your design with support from our engineers and system architects who have an in-depth understanding of the automotive ecosystem. With Micron, you get industry-leading innovation, deep engineering experience and optimized solutions to meet emerging market requirements and anticipate customers’ technological demands.
Provide long-term solutions that meet or exceed the expected life cycle of automotive applications with our broad automotive portfolio that includes support for legacy products.




Our SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 are excellent memory choices for high performance automotive applications – pushing the envelope in key areas like power consumption, signaling speeds, and bandwidth.

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e.MMC Memory

Our automotive temperature e.MMC memory is a fully managed solution with a built-in controller and an industry-standard interface, which simplifies hardware and software integration and streamlines the development and qualification process.

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Our LPDDR and LPDDR2 memory solutions are built to consume less power without sacrificing performance with low voltage and power-saving features, which is perfect for today’s instrument cluster, infotainment and ADAS solutions.

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Multichip Packages

Our Multichip Package solutions are optimized for automotive quality with the combination of performance, size, and industrial temperature range.

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NOR flash

NOR Flash

Our NOR Flash memory solutions meet the absolutely stringent quality and reliability requirements expected in the automotive segment while offering leading edge performances in a wide selection of densities, packages, speeds, operating temperatures, command sets and chipset compatibility.

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Our SLC NAND Flash memory solutions are ideal for automotive applications high-performance, high-endurance and low-power small form-factor applications with extended operating temperatures, security, and zero defect target approach.

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SSDs for Automotive

Solid State Drives

Our automotive SSDs are built to withstand the rigorous demands of automotive applications, with an extended temperature range and robust data protection features.

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It is no secret that Automotive makers are racing each other to mass produce the first autonomous car. To achieve fully autonomous driving, cars need to have a variety of sensors to perceive near and far fields of visions in every direction. The sensors include radar, LIDAR, ultrasonic, cameras, and night vision devices. The data collected by these sensors are fed into...


‘Possessing the potential to uproot personal mobility as we know it, to make it safer and even more ubiquitous than conventional automobiles and perhaps even more efficient, self-driving cars have become the archetype of our future transportation.’ (Accelerating the Next Revolution in Roadway Safety, FAVP Sept. 2016).

Autonomous Driving

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