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Automotive Memory Solutions

Discover how memory drives the automotive industry forward—faster.

A car may be the most powerful computer people own. With infotainment, advanced driver assistance and powertrain control systems, cars have more processing power than laptops. And all of that processing power requires memory made expressly for automotive applications — from a memory manufacturer that knows automotive.

The Micron Advantage

A proven memory partner with 25+ years of experience, Micron provides advanced automotive memory solutions that meet stringent quality, reliability and compliance requirements.

Customer & Partner Focus: Unmatched collaboration with end-to-end support ensuring optimal solutions for maximum success at the lowest risk Application Expertise Memory Expertise: Dedicated memory focus, comprehensive automotive expertise driving industry innovation to meet and exceed the automotive needs Industry Pioneer: Unwavering commitment to comprehensive industry leading automotive memory portfolio



Leading to capabilities never imagined, Micron’s automotive compliant GDDR6 SGRAM is driving performance in automotive to new levels.


Micron’s introduction of automotive-grade GDDR6 memory is the essential puzzle piece that will enable next-generation autonomous driving today.


Modern-day security schemes are evolving to bring tighter security to automotive solutions like autonomous cars.


Micron has actively worked on solutions to meet automotive system security requirements for over 25 years.


Micron GDDR6


Address the enormous bandwidth demands in automotive with Micron’s GDDR6 graphics memory products. Its discrete design simplifies integration, making it an ideal solution for next-generation, high-performance automotive applications.

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Automotive applications require memory to push the envelope in power consumption, signaling speeds and bandwidth. Our SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 deliver that and more.

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Easy integration, development and design gets you to market faster. Our fully managed e.MMC memory with built-in controller and interface helps you do that.

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Built to consume less power without sacrificing performance, our LPDR, LPDDR2, LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 memory solutions are perfect for instrument cluster, infotainment and ADAS solutions.

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Multichip Packages

Automotive applications require automotive-optimized memory. Our multichip package solutions deliver the right combination of performance, size, and extended temperature ranges.

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NOR flash

NOR Flash

Automotive memory must function in extreme environments. Our NOR Flash memory offers a high-quality, small-footprint package with execute-in-place capabilities for engine control units.

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Often you need high performance in a small size. Our SLC NAND Flash memory is ideal for high-performance, low-power, high-bandwidth and small form factor automotive applications.

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