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Packaging and shipping information

FBGA and part marking decoder

Due to space limitations, FBGA-packaged components have an abbreviated part marking that is different from the part number. Use our decoder tool to find your part number.

FGBA code highlighted on Micron part

Shipping quantities and box types

CSN-11: Product Marks, Product Labels, and Packaging Labels

Customer Service Note (PDF) – 12.14.2023

The first section of this customer service note describes the product marks and labels we place on our devices. The second section describes the labels used on and in our packaging.

CSN-04: Shipping Quantities

Customer Service Note (PDF) – 5.11.2022

This customer service note describes the standard shipping quantity, box quantity, and types such as tape and reel for Micron's products.

Packaging information

CSN-20: Wafer Packaging and Packaging Materials

Customer Service Note (PDF) – 8.16.2023

Provides complete shipping and recycling information about each of the materials used for shipping Micron's products.

CSN-16: Micron Component and Module Packaging

Customer Service Note (PDF) – 12.6.2021

Explanation of Micron packaging labels and procedures.

Part numbering guides

Micron Module Part Numbering Guide

Part Numbering Guide (PDF) – 11.6.2023

Part numbering guides for DDR5, DDR4, DDR3, DDR modules

DRAM Component Part Numbering System

Part Numbering Guide (XLSX) – 7.14.2022

DDR4/3/2/DDR/SDRAM, Mobile LPDDR5/4/3/2/LPDDR/LPSDR, RLDRAM® & GDDR6X/6/5X/5 Memory

PowerGEM® Part Numbering System

Part Numbering Guide (PDF) – 1.10.2019

PowerGEM® Part Numbering System

NOR Flash Part Numbering System

Part Numbering Guide (PDF) – 5.10.2018

Part numbering guide for Micron NOR Flash products.

Legacy LPDRAM Part Numbering System

Part Numbering Guide (PDF) – 4.3.2018

Part numbering guide for legacy LPDDR2 and LPDRR3 PoP and FBGA components as well as Elpida part numbering system.