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Software support for Micron flash

The right software solution is critical to giving your products a true competitive advantage. That’s why we provide a broad portfolio of software to optimize flash memory performance in your designs.

Storage Executive software

Download this free software and get a powerful tool to help you manage your Micron SSDs. With Storage Executive, you can monitor your drive’s health, sanitize (erase) your drive, check your drive status, generate reports, and perform firmware updates.

Learn more and download Storage Executive

Low-level drivers for NOR and NAND

Our low-level NOR and NAND drivers provide the foundation to unlock the full potential of our memory devices. Our drivers enable flexibility and portability and are fully validated and optimized to speed time to market for your design.

See the Software Device Drivers matrix for a complete list of drivers available.

Linux kernel support

The majority of our Flash devices are supported by default in the current mainline Linux kernel. We also provide patches and support for devices and features not supported in the mainline Linux kernel—in particular, for older versions of the kernel that don’t support newer Flash devices. Contact your Micron representative to request patches and support.

NAND code flash translation layer (FTL) for NAND

Simplify the integration of NAND into your mobile handset designs with our NANDcode software suite for NAND Flash-based applications. NANDcode's advanced Flash translation layer (FTL) and Flash drivers enable you to design with confidence because we've anticipated integration challenges and collaborated with chipset vendors and operating system engineers to solve these challenges. NANDcode is compatible with every major mobile operating system.

Contact your Micron representative for more information about our software support.