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Micron 9400 NVMe™ SSD

Industry-leading capacity, superior performance, and the power efficiency to tame the most demanding data center workloads.

The new performance leader for data center workloads

The Micron 9400 SSD sets a new performance standard for PCIe® Gen4 storage. It delivers exceptional performance that surpasses other major competitors up to 2.3X mixed workload performance1 and improves power efficiency up to 77%.²

The Micron 9400 is available in industry-leading capacities up to 30.72TB,³ enabling maximum rack-level storage density.

The Micron 9400 SSD is built to manage critical workloads like caching, online transaction processing, high-frequency trading, AI and performance-focused databases requiring extreme performance. The Micron 9400 enables these workloads and more for flexible deployment in hyperscale, cloud, data center, OEM and system integrator designs.

Micron 9400 SSD


Industry-leading 30.72TB capacity enables maximum storage density

The Micron 9400 SSD has industry-leading 30.72TB capacity, doubling the maximum capacity of our prior generation performance NVMe SSD.⁴ This frees data center operators to potentially save space, energy, weight and budget through rack consolidation, while reducing the management burden of unneeded servers. The Micron 9400 SSD is the highest capacity 2.5-inch high-performance NVMe SSD that is available now for your data center.⁵

Superior performance versus leading competitors

The Micron 9400 SSD performance in mixed workload IOPS is up to 2.3X higher than other major competitors.¹ Micron’s mixed, random performance frees workloads to power through demand spikes in caching, online transaction processing, high-frequency trading, AI, and performance-focused databases requiring extreme performance.

Significantly improved efficiency with up to 77% better IOPS/watt than previous generation

Higher power efficiency means you get more workload performance (higher IOPS) for the energy consumed (watts). The Micron 9400 has up to 77% better power efficiency² than our prior generation SSD. The Micron 9400 SSD improves power efficiency and helps you save money while reducing your environmental impact.

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Experience industry-leading capacity and performance with Micron's 9400 NVMe SSD, the newest solid-state drive for the most demanding data center workloads.

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Learn how the Micron 9400 NVMe SSD delivers high capacity, leading performance, and power efficiency for the most demanding data center workloads.

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This white paper demonstrates how to optimize AI/ML training throughput when utilizing NVIDIA GPUs with Micron 9400 SSDs.

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1. Other major competitors (for data center NVMe SSDs) statement is based on data center market share as noted in the report, ‘SSD Insights Q4/22: Report No. FI-NFL-SSD-Q422 November 2022’ by Forward Insights. Performance measured using 7.68TB SSDs at queue depth (QD) = 256 with FIO (additional details on FIO are available here:

2. 7.68TB SSDs: Micron 9400 SSD: 94,118 4K random read IOPS/watt vs 53,100 IOPS/watt for prior generation Micron 9300 NVMe SSD.

3. 30.72TB capacity is the highest U.2/U.3, SSD capacity available on the open market at the time of this document’s initial publication. Unformatted capacity. 1GB = 1 billion bytes, formatted capacity is less.

4. References to Micron’s prior generation SSD are to the Micron 9300 NVMe SSD.

5. 30.72TB in a 2.5-inch form factor is the highest capacity available in a high-performance NVMe data center SSD as of announcement.

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