Micron 3400 NVMe™ SSD

The performance from industry-leading 176-layer NAND¹ and PCIe Gen4 with the capacity to manage expanding workstation, gaming and corporate PC applications.

Built for the most data-intensive applications

The Micron 3400 SSD with NVMe™ combines the performance of industry-leading 176-layer NAND and PCIe Gen4. The 3400 has the capacity to manage the most demanding workstation, gaming and corporate PC applications – yet it consumes minimal power.

The Micron 3400 SSD is a future-proof solution that will harness the mammoth I/O loads needed to manage today's 4K (and tomorrow’s 8K) double- or triple-monitor, work-from-home setups that have blurred the lines between personal and work-related tasks.

Micron 3400 SSD


Tames the most demanding use cases

The Micron 3400 SSD, with its innovative 176-layer NAND, offers 2X the read throughput and up to 85% higher write throughput with up to 67% faster random read and 40% faster random write performance than our prior-generation SSD with NVMe**.

Capacity to harness mammoth data

Available in capacities up to 2TB, the Micron 3400 accommodates the growing footprint of client applications. Get the high-capacity storage that professional applications like real-time 3D rendering, computer-aided design, genomic sequencing and animation require.

Power efficiency for all-day computing

The Micron 3400 offers 25% lower idle power than our prior generation of SSDs with NVMe. Due to its advanced power efficiency, the Micron 3400 is listed on the Intel® Modern Standby Partner Portal Platform Component List and meets the open labs’ SSD test requirements of Intel’s Project Athena.



The Micron 3400 NVMe SSD is a leading 176-layer NAND-based PCIe Gen4 storage solution for managing expanding workstations and gaming and corporate applications.

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Micron 3400 SSD: Get the performance of industry-leading NAND and PCIe Gen4 for data-intensive applications

The performance from the industry-leading 176-layer NAND and PCIe Gen4 with the capacity to manage expanding workstation, gaming and corporate PC applications.

Client vs. enterprise SSDs: A guide to understanding differences in performance and use cases

Data center SSDs vs client SSDs (i.e., made for a personal PC): Using a client SSD in an enterprise application? It’s imperative to understand the IOPS performance and design differences.

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1. Based on Micron's 176-layer NAND announcement; see for complete details

2. SSD prior-generation comparisons based on Micron 2300 SSD with NVMe


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