NAND Flash

SLC NAND flash memory

One bit per cell; high performance and write endurance; designed for high-end, high-density, mission-critical systems where NAND high performance standards and reliability are required and cost reduction is not a major driver 


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SLC NAND cross-reference tool

The SLC NAND cross-reference tool is intended to provide a general tool for comparing Micron’s products with other competitor products.

Product Lifecycle Solutions

Micron’s Product Lifecycle Solutions bring the stability of our memory support in alignment with the lifecycle of your design.

NOR | NAND flash guide

This guide describes the various flash technologies offered by Micron to help  system designers select the optimal flash solution for their needs.

Choosing the right NAND

Offering designers a basic understanding of the features and benefits of each type of NAND Flash in order to select the proper device.

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Serial NAND: A great way to lower your BOM cost

“Embedded applications” has become an umbrella term for some of the most compelling devices available, including intelligent or interactive toys, books and games; web-enabled printers and computer peripherals; and backward-compatible WiMAX boxes. In the past, these embedded designs relied only on serial peripheral interface (SPI) NOR flash for code shadowing, data storage or storing BIOS and firmware. But as embedded applications continue to evolve and require more density, serial NAND devices offer the right option with the lowest cost-per-megabit of any serial flash solution.

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