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QLC NAND flash memory

Micron’s 176-layer quad-level cell (QLC) NAND is a groundbreaking achievement that delivers a layer count and density unprecedented in QLC NAND flash. With its market-leading data density and best-in-class performance, Micron's 176-layer QLC NAND enables greater storage density and design flexibility than ever before.


An industry first, again!

Following Micron’s delivery of the industry’s first 176-layer TLC NAND last year, Micron is now offering the world's first 176-Layer QLC NAND built with QLC category-leading replacement gate architecture that delivers the industry’s best storage density and improved access times enabling a broad range of data-rich use cases.

Blocks of light

Ideal applications for QLC-based SSDs

Experience the broad range of data-rich use cases that benefit from the balance of cost, performance and capacity offered by QLC-based SSDs. 

Thin and light client devices

With improved storage capacity per square millimeter, QLC offers more design options and affordable capacity.

Content delivery, video on demand, media streaming

Deliver more assets to more users more consistently with support for massive, parallel requests and streams.

Real-time analytics and big data

Deliver value to big data applications like Hadoop distributed file systems.

Machine and deep learning

Crunch immense data sets in seconds versus minutes — because machines can only learn as fast as they can read and analyze data.

Active archives and large block storage

Transform scale-out active archives into a strategic asset. Deliver massive large-block data streams with ease.

NoSQL databases

Breathe life into data-driven workloads like content classification and tagging as well as user profile acceleration.

Read-intensive artificial intelligence

Get the speed AI algorithms depend on to quickly identify patterns in sprawling data sets.

User authentication

Perform quick authentication with quick storage.

World’s first 176-layer PCIe® Gen4 QLC SSD

The Micron 2400 SSD with NVMe™ is the world’s first and most advanced 176-layer QLC NAND-based PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD.

The Micron 2400 SSD is built with industry-leading storage density and is the world’s first 2TB SSD available in a 22 x 30mm form factor. 

Offered in three compact M.2 form factors, this QLC SSD is ideal for high-capacity storage in form factors to fit thin and light designs without compromising the user experience.

2400 QLC SSD in three form factors

Top three benefits of QLC SSDs

Lower TCO

QLC stores more bits per cell than its predecessor technologies, allowing immense density and cost-benefit gains. Micron advances these benefits with the world's first 176-Layer QLC NAND built with category-leading architecture, enabling the industry’s best storage density and improved access times.

More capacity

Micron is the first and only provider to ship 176-layer QLC NAND, achieving a layer count and density unprecedented in QLC flash.

Leading density, smaller footprints

Highest gigabytes per square millimeter versus industry-available NAND, allowing more capacity at less space, which is useful for client devices as well as data center servers.


Resources & documentation

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Read this IDC opinion whitepaper to learn how QLC SSDs can be an alternative to HDDs, which have traditionally been used for cost-sensitive, read-intensive workloads where performance matters.

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