SSD Encryption

SSD Encryption 

Data encryption is essential to data security. Micron provides the full benefits of hardware-based encryption with self-encrypted drives (SEDs) that support the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Storage Security Subsystem Class Opal and Enterprise protocols for client and enterprise storage, respectively. 

Benefits of hardware encryption include:
  • Security: Decreased vulnerability to attack because the data encryption and user authentication are performed on the drive itself, independent of the operating system, memory, and BIOS.
  • Performance: Maximized system performance because CPU and memory overhead isn’t impacted.
  • Ease of Use: Seamless and transparent to the user so it doesn’t interfere with their workflow.
  • TCO: Less costly to implement and maintain than software encryption.
  • Compliance: Conforms to industry standards and government data security regulations.

What is TCG Enterprise?

TCG Enterprise is the Trusted Computing Group’s comprehensive specification for enterprise data storage devices. The TCG Enterprise-enabled SSDs from Micron use hardware-level encryption to provide superior protection against data breaches, loss, and theft.