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Most often used in mass storage consumer applications with high cost sensitivity, our triple-level cell (TLC) NAND has the highest cell density, but generally lower performance and endurance specifications. The 128Gb part delivers the same capacity as our 128Gb MLC, but in a die that is 28% smaller.

Storing three bits per cell, TLC NAND devices are value-minded parts used primarily in consumer products that don't require top-tier NAND performance and endurance (fewer PROGRAM/ERASE cycles)—designs like USB thumb drives, client SSDs, and other portable media devices.

Like all raw NAND, TLC NAND requires an external controller to aid with array management, ECC, wear leveling, and other management functions.

By Density

Density NAND Type Width Voltage Clock Rate Package Op Temp
8Tb 3D x8 3.3V n/a LBGA 0C to +70C
6Tb 3D x8 3.3V n/a LBGA 0C to +70C
4Tb 3D x8 3.3V n/a LBGA 0C to +70C
3Tb 3D x8 3.3V n/a LBGA 0C to +70C
2Tb 3D x8 3.3V n/a VBGA 0C to +70C
1Tb 3D x8 3.3V n/a VBGA 0C to +70C
768Gb 3D x8 3.3V n/a VBGA 0C to +70C
512Gb 3D x8 3.3V n/a Wafer, VBGA 0C to +70C
384Gb 3D x8 3.3V n/a VBGA 0C to +70C
256Gb 3D x8 3.3V n/a Wafer 0C to +70C
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3D NAND: 3X the capacity of planar NAND

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The growing demands of mobile computing and data centers continue to drive the need for high-capacity, high-performance NAND flash technology. With planar NAND nearing its practical scaling limits, delivering to those requirements has become more difficult with each generation. Enter our 3D NAND technology, which uses an innovative process architecture to provide 3X the capacity of planar NAND technologies while providing better performance and reliability.


Product Information
SLC, MLC, TLC, and QLC devices deliver inherently different performance, endurance, price, and footprint characteristics, so you should make a careful analysis to determine which is right for your design.
  • Updated: 05/21/2018
Software Documentation
Access all software drivers and software support packs for Micron's TLC NAND Flash products.
  • Updated: 10/12/2015