TLC and QLC Devices

The Foundation of NAND Cell Structure

Our customers order NAND based on features and application requirements—not cell density—so why spend time explaining the differences between TLC and QLC? Because understanding the basics of NAND technology provides valuable insights about:

  • Why certain types of NAND perform the way they do
  • How structure affects performance and price

When deciding which kind of NAND is best suited to your application, consider the maturity of the technology and future usage models.

  • QLC is the newest technology deployment. It offers greater densities in a smaller footprint and is positioned as an attractive solution for read-centric applications
  • TLC is a solution that offers a good cost versus performance balance. 3D architectures and error correction techniques have improved cycling and performance to enable TLC in areas where it previously did not fit.
  • MLC is in decline for new designs.
  • SLC for mission critical data.