176-Layer NAND

Industry-leading density. Industry-unique architecture. The world’s most technologically advanced NAND. Only from Micron.


176 Layers of Innovation

Micron’s 176-layer NAND serves as an essential and powerful building block in technologists’ toolboxes across a broad array of sectors. Sharpen your competitive edge with:

Unique Technology

Replacement-gate architecture combines charge traps with CMOS-under-array (CuA) design

Enhanced Performance

35% faster read and write times* mean quicker booting and increased application responsiveness

*Comparison is based on Micron’s high-volume, floating-gate 96-layer NAND. When comparing with 128-layer replacement-gate NAND, read latency and write latency for Micron’s 176-layer NAND both improve by over 25%.

Broad Applications

Ideal for mobile, automotive, client, consumer and data center applications while propelling flash adoption in workloads such as data lakes, artificial intelligence and big data analytics

Mark Helm on Taking 176-Layer Flash Memory From Lab to Fab

Micron recently announced our amazing new 3D flash memory technology, which has an astonishing 176 layers of memory cells stacked on top of each other. This was the perfect excuse for Rebecca Lewington to sit down with Micron Senior Fellow Mark Helm to talk about how this achievement made the journey from idea to volume production – “from lab to fab,” as we say.

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Just How Remarkable Is Micron's 176-Layer 3D Flash Memory?

Flash memory used to be built in two dimensions. But a few years ago, we bumped up against the laws of physics and couldn't add capacity by making the memory cells smaller. So, we started adding capacity by building upwards.

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