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Microchip background


Our VLP Mini-DIMMs are designed so that your router, hub, switch, or bridge can be faster, smaller, and much more reliable. In fact, the VLP Mini-DIMM is specifically made for networking. Since they can be stacked vertically, they significantly improve airflow and reduce thermal power consumption. But you don't have to sacrifice performance to get these savings; our VLP Mini-DIMMs are innovative, reliable, high-bandwidth solutions that are compatible with existing sockets.

Our high-density, very low profile (VLP) Mini-DIMMs significantly boost overall telecom, networking, and computing blade server memory capacities and are compatible with the ATCA standard.

By Density

Density Voltage Width Speed Op. Temp Module Ranks
8GB 1.35V x72 PC3-10600 -40C to +95C Dual Rank
4GB 1.8V, 1.35V x72 PC2-5300, PC3-10600 0C to +85C, -40C to +95C Single Rank
2GB 1.8V, 1.5V x72 PC2-6400, PC3-10600 0C to +85C, 0C to +95C Dual Rank, Single Rank
1GB 1.8V x72 PC2-6400 0C to +85C Single Rank
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Technical Notes
This technical note compares the most common DRAM module form factors.
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  • Updated: 09/16/2009
Technical Notes
This technical note identifies and discusses five key areas of DRAM controller design.
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  • Updated: 04/16/2008



This guide outlines our various solutions — from DRAM components and modules to NOR and NAND Flash to solid state drives (SSDs) — available for networking applications.

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Learn how Micron networking solutions can help you build resilient, adaptable networks for tomorrow's demands.

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