Bare Die

Weighing the benefits of bare die

Given their potential to bring substantial benefits to your design wafer-level solutions are worth a closeFixed look. Benefits like thinner packaging, custom packaging and custom solutions are appealing because they can reduce required board space. This is the case with packaging technologies such as systems-in-a-package (SIPs) and multichip packages (MCPs). The reduced trace lengths between bare die devices also enable higher-frequency operation which is needed as processor and bus speeds increase.

As compelling as those benefits are, there is also the convincing reason of cost savings. The cost savings comes from space savings (the memory is integrated inside) and reduced board cost (fewer layers and traces are required).

Micron’s bare die solutions combine these benefits with an ongoing commitment to deliver wafer-level products with reliability and quality levels that rival fully tested and burned-in packaged devices.

Ordering wafer-level products

For more information about ordering bare die products directly from Micron, please contact us.

Answering your bare die FAQs

Find more detailed information about Micron’s shipping methods for bare die products, our whole wafer (versus singulated die) product offering and wafer thickness options in the Bare Die section under Products in our FAQs.