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Simple, Integrated, Secure

Leverage existing Flash Memory sockets to enable IoT device health and identity

Securing the IoT

Cyber security is one of the biggest challenges and barriers to the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments and associated business models across many market verticals like industrial, smart cities, medical, automotive, connected homes, etc. 

Micron's Authenta™ Technology provides a unique level of protection for the lowest layers of IoT device software, starting with the boot process. The approach of utilizing existing standard flash memory sockets enables system developers to harden system level security without adding additional hardware components, leading to a more affordable and robust IoT solution. A wide range of IoT end-points and edge devices that use standard flash memory chips can now be enhanced for improved system level cyber security, more pervasive zero touch onboarding deployments, and future device management capabilities using this combined approach.

The Micron Advantage

Security by Design

Security By Design

Built-in strong cryptographic identity by design. Simplifies secure device management from supply chain to provisioning and all the way through in-field updates. Always-on trust/health measurement.

Cost Effectiveness

Low Security TCO

Scalable solution to even the smallest embedded devices, lowers total cost to implement and manage 1st class security and defense in depth strategies.

Zero Component Solution

Zero Component Solution

Security features built natively in flash memory enable advance system level protection with hardware roots of trust, without adding any new hardware components.



Learn about Micron's Authenta technology – a new level of cyber protection for IoT devices – and how it can simplify end-to-end security for IoT with Microsoft® Azure®.


This addendum is intended to document the Micron MT25Q Authenticated Core Root of Trust for Measurement (A-CRTM) and Replay Protected Monotonic Counter (RPMC) Security Addendum


The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to disrupt the global economy on a scale larger than any previous industrial revolution. But two major factors are holding the IoT back from the kind of massive growth where companies both big and small can reap the rewards.


IIC member companies participating in the joint trustworthiness demonstration include: aicas, Belden, Fujitsu, GlobalSign, Hirschmann, Infineon Technologies, Intel, Kaspersky Lab, Micron, NetFoundry, Schneider Electric, SoCe, Waterfall Security, Wibu-Systems and Xilinx.

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