Girls in Tech

Careers for women in science math and technology are as varied as the women in those careers. Micron offers young women a sneak peek into the high-tech world that isn’t just for men.

Our Girls Going Tech (GGTech)  program is designed to expose 8th grade female students to technical career options and to take advanced courses in math, science and technology in  pursuit of a technical career. The on-site event includes various technical sessions led by Micron female mentors exploring  a variety of technical career options with fun, hands-on learning activities.

We also support the Women in Technical Careers (WITC) program that delivers lunchtime panel presentations on careers for female students in grades 9-12.

If you are in the Boise, Idaho-area talk to your school counselor on how to participate in these activities. In the meantime, visit our Women in Technology page on Micron’s Student Site for more resources.