Small but Mighty Great Workplaces in EMEA

Micron’s sites in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Israel are a critical part of our global network and play a key role in developing technology, semiconductor design, product qualification, and sales. They have been key to Micron’s market leadership in the automotive memory for the past 30 years. Our longstanding partnerships with the EMEA semiconductor ecosystem and customers have resulted in some of the world’s most advanced memory and storage solutions and use cases. 

We have also established valuable relationships with academic and research institutions that allow us to spark young minds and grow that next generation of engineers. 

Change the world through innovation

Micron hires across various disciplines like engineering, data science, business, and sales roles. Some of the most talented engineers in the region, work out of our state-of-the-art labs in Italy and Germany and play a key role in testing and qualifying products that turn data into intelligence with unprecedent speed and efficiency.

Supporting educators and our communities

Micron has built strong partnerships with some of the most prestigious universities and research centers in EMEA to nurture innovation and talent in the ecosystem. 

Micron’s best minds, methodologies, and infrastructure are at the beating heart of 50K patents and we are constantly looking at leveraging this strength to introduce and encourage new generations of engineers to the possibilities of a career in semiconductors. 

Micron’s STEM initiative programs are conducted every year and see hundreds of students participating. Through its Global Women Mentorship Program, Micron provides female students in technical and scientific disciplines with mentorship and guidance by Micron’s women leaders. This program is aimed towards helping  them  acquire competencies to shape successful careers in the field. We also offer internship opportunities to students, specifically designed where they can learn directly from Micron’s team members and leaders through real time project exposure. 

On the sustainability front, each of our sites in EMEA are committed towards reducing environmental footprint starting from setting up offices in environment-friendly buildings to equipping parking lots with electrical vehicles recharging stations at some locations.

Career Opportunities

At Micron, we are recognized for providing best-in-class engagement, training, growth, and benefits across our diverse populations of employees. Micron encourages its team members to have a decent work life balance, hence offers flexible work arrangements for them. 

Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work® have recognized Micron as one of the 2021 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing and Production. Micron's commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion is highlighted by this award, which demonstrates the company's ability in fostering an engaged culture of innovation in which team members are seen, heard, valued, and respected. Honorees are also acknowledged for their capacity to compete in the global marketplace, which was especially crucial during the pandemic when worker well-being was critical.

We are looking for talent of diverse backgrounds and experiences to join us EMEA team. Be part of the team which is keen on driving innovations and positive impact across communities!

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Get to know our EMEA offices

Micron, Italy focuses on technology development – including emerging memory design and memory system pathfinding and leads quality for our managed NAND portfolio, in addition to leading application engineering in the automotive sector.

Micron, Germany specializes in DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) design, engineering, and testing. The sites have built solid relationships with top players in the automotive industry and customers implementing DRAM in graphics, networking, and other advanced applications.

Micron’s sites in France and the U.K. drive sales and product adoption by employing field application engineers, sales and marketing talent.

Micron, Belgium focuses on R&D activities around advanced lithography, logic technology, emerging memory, and interconnect technology.

Micron team members in Israel are dedicated to R&D and sales activities.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find open jobs in EMEA?

Go to the Micron careers site, and search for jobs in the respective EMEA country. You can also upload your resume to “get matched” to other relevant jobs.

Does Micron pay for relocation?

Yes, relocation benefits are available to ease the transition of working and living in a new location. Provision of the policy is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, based on the needs and eligibility.

Does Micron recruit at my university?

Micron recruits from universities across EMEA. Check out our upcoming recruiting events here.

What kind of internship opportunities are available?

We offer internships for both students and graduates. All internship opportunities are advertised, and can be applied to on the career site.

Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?

Yes, we will assess your resume based on the various positions open and their respective requirements.

How does Micron support my career development?

At Micron, we believe that every team member deserves to have a successful and fulfilling career. Through our new Empowered Careers Program, we foster the mindset, culture, and growth required to support our team members through this journey.

What kind of benefit does Micron provide?

Benefits are defined in each country based on local regulations and practices. Benefits in EMEA include – relocation, health insurance, reward and recognition programs, international emergency medical insurance - and others.

How many paid days off are available per year?

Paid time off and leave of absence policies depend on local regulations and practices in each country .

Is Micron allowing team members to work from home?

Yes. Micron offers flexible work arrangements for team members.