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To obtain access to this content, please complete the form below. This form ensures your company complies with export controls. Providing this information may be necessary to validate your company’s End User Certification (EUC) status.

Refer to the FAQs below for guidance.

End user certification FAQs

An End User Compliance Certification for End-Use Restrictions ("EUC") is used to inform customers and entities transacting business with Micron that certain end-use and/or end-user restrictions apply to Micron products. Additionally, the EUC notifies the customer that no re-exports to embargoed countries or sale to prohibited end users are authorized.

The EUC is also an assurance of compliance from a buyer of exported products that the buyer acknowledges and understands the compliance obligations associated with purchases of the Micron products.

As part of our commitment to compliance, Micron requests that buyers provide this EUC as an assurance of compliance and acknowledge of the buyer’s understanding of the applicable trade compliance regulations for certain transactions per U.S. and other countries’ export control laws.

Yes, Micron asks that a buyer provides an updated EUC if there is a change in the end use of a product or by the end user.

The entity involved in the transaction should complete the EUC. However, if the buyer is part of a large multinational company with parent and subsidiary entities, the EUC may be completed by the parent company. Having the parent company complete the EUC will ensure the entity with organizational responsibility over each subsidiary with whom Micron may conduct business is covered by the signed EUC. See example below:

ABC Group Ltd

  • We need an EUC from ABC Group Limited or ABC Group Technology Limited to cover this transaction
  • An EUC from ABC Group Limited is preferrable because it would cover transactions with other ABC Group Ltd subsidiaries
Diagram shows white text on black boxes. The parent company has two children.

A duly authorized representative of the company, e.g., the head of the relevant engineering business unit, a legal representative, empowered official or compliance representative.

Please provide complete information as to the intended end use of purchased Micron products. General and vague responses may not be acceptable. Below are examples and additional details to assist in completion of the EUC.

Disclosure and Certification and End User, intended End Use and Ultimate Destination.
  • Example: The intended end use for Micron products is primarily for commercial use in the telecommunication industry, automotive industry, healthcare industry and communication technology industry. The end items within these industries include GPS trackers, automotive sensors, internet of things (IOT), GPU systems, electronics manufacturing services, and communication equipment ("automotive industry; incorporated into infotainment, auto drive, computer network server systems, etc.").
Complete description and/or list of the intended end users of the Micron products (including, for example, the market application or description of end item that Micron’s product will be incorporated into):
  • Example: For automobile infotainment systems, we would expect items to be specified (“automotive ODMs and automotive manufacturers based in China”).
  • Example: If the customer is engaged in research and development projects, we would expect a response such as "end users are Chinese universities engaged in R&D in the cloud computing industry".
  • Example: For purchases that are incorporated into mobile devices, we would expect a list of some of the ODMs that will receive the Micron products and will incorporate the Micron products into the base of the phone.
Complete description of the ultimate destination(s) of Micron Items:

Enter the countries or geographic regions where the company will ship products to.

Note for ultimate destination(s) of Micron Items: detail the parties, countries, or geographic regions where the customer will ship their products to. If the products the customer sells are sold throughout the world, provide that information as well.

Design centers and/or subcontractors that will be “ship to” parties in a transaction can also be listed as follows:

Ship To Name Ship To Address
Subsidiary A Ltd. 123 Address, City, State, Zip, Country
Subsidiary B Ltd. 123 Address, City, State, Zip, Country
Subcontractor Y Technology Inc. 123 Address, City, State, Zip, Country
Subcontractor ZZ High Tech Design Inc. 123 Address, City, State, Zip, Country
Ultimate Consumers Worldwide, excluding embargoed Regions

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