Micron Ventures

Micron Ventures’ primary objective is to assist Micron in fostering an ecosystem of innovation and technology development. The startup environment is critical to the successful development of emerging technologies, markets, applications and key innovations influencing semiconductor related markets. It is our goal to be involved in that ecosystem through direct involvement with and investment in leading startups.

Micron Ventures announced at the inaugural Micron Insight 2018 event that it will invest up to $100 million in venture funding targeted at technology startups focused on artificial intelligence (AI), with twenty percent aimed at startups led by women and other underrepresented groups.

About Micron Ventures

Launched in 2006, Micron Ventures invests in technology startups aligned with Micron’s strategic interests. Micron Ventures is focused on accelerating innovation in AI and machine learning as well as next generation memory and storage solutions across all primary and emerging markets. Our portfolio includes investments in companies at varying stages of development across the globe.

Benefits to portfolio companies

Portfolio companies will benefit from Micron’s financial support and, where appropriate, receive access to world-class technology and process expertise, research and development capabilities, business relationships, strategic insights and market intelligence.


As a leading supplier of storage and memory solutions, Micron has extensive experience in the product lifecycle of semiconductor and system level products. Portfolio companies may leverage this knowledge as they work to develop leading-edge solutions.

Visibility and validation

One of the biggest hurdles for a growth company is establishing credibility for the company and its products or services. In most cases, portfolio companies will be able to reference Micron’s investment in order to source suppliers, engage customers and attract new investors and employees.

Business and strategic relationships

As applicable, Micron will promote portfolio companies within our extensive global network of suppliers, customers and technology partners. Portfolio companies may benefit from our close relationships with leading technology companies across the globe.


Micron's Venture effort is directed by a deal review committee comprised of members of Micron's executive team. In performing due diligence and supporting portfolio companies, the Micron Ventures team can also leverage a broad set of technical, operational, and industry expertise within Micron's business units, engineering, research and development, and manufacturing teams.

As Vice President of Corporate Business Development, René Hartner is responsible for managing strategic investments and business development opportunities with technology startups in addition to heading global M&A and integration at Micron.

Other key members of the team provide geographic and topical coverage. Our team of investment professionals has a deep set of experience in working with startups and leveraging relevant skills, capabilities and resources to help make portfolio companies successful.