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Spark a passion for STEM at Chip Camp!

Sponsored by the Micron Foundation, Chip Camp is a day camp filled with hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities related to semiconductor manufacturing and engineering. Chip Camp invites students to see and experience what engineers and scientists do every day in a semiconductor company.

The Chip Camp experience

Chip Camp inspires students to be curious and to challenge their minds through hands-on STEM and semiconductor lessons, tours and activities. 

Students who attend Chip Camp will get to:

  • Learn how memory chips are made
  • Discover the science involved in building circuits, launching rockets and programming robots
  • Explore engineering, physics, chemistry and computer science topics
  • Meet and be mentored by Micron team members and engineering students from local universities

If you’re interested in bringing Chip Camp to an area near you, join our interest list.

Micron Chip Camp’s global reach

Micron Chip Camp is offered in in these places through partnerships with various school districts and community organizations:

United States                                Asia

Georgia                                          China
Idaho                                              India
New York                                        Japan
Virginia                                           Taiwan

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Registration for Chip Camp varies by area.

For more information on how to sign up for camps in your location, please contact with Chip Camp Registration in the subject line.

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Frequently asked questions

The Micron Foundation offers Chip Camp at no cost to all students and faculty chaperones.

Students should bring their curiosity. Lunch and snacks are provided, and we work to accommodate food sensitivities and allergies. Students are welcome to bring their own lunches, which can be stored for lunch-time access. Students can also bring small bags and personal items upon request, but these need to be coordinated with camp leaders.

We recommend students wear comfortable close-toed shoes for walking, along with comfortable, full-coverage clothing that allows for easy movement and shorts are not recommended for safety reasons. Each student will be provided a Chip Camp t-shirt at camp.

Students should attend and participate for the full length of Chip Camp. Students who cannot commit to the full schedule should opt out so that other students can attend the full camp.

While both camps offer similar activities and schedules, there are a few differences. For in-person Chip Camp, the large group of participants meet at a physical location in the community. Online Chip Camp is conducted virtually, and students participate remotely using online collaboration tools like Zoom. At in-person Chip Camp, all materials and meals are provided to the students. For online Chip Camp, students receive all activity materials via mail ahead of the camp, but no meals are provided.

Students participating in online Chip Camp must have devices with reliable internet access and the Zoom application. Ideally, devices have keyboards, but tablets can work. If you do not have a device with a reliable internet connection, note that in your registration form and the Micron Foundation may be able to offer support.

2023 year-end summary

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