Quality management systems

Micron’s quality systems team focuses on continual improvement opportunities and collaborative innovation with manufacturing operations and business units.

Management and participation of continual improvement projects

Micron is dedicated to improving customer-experienced value by understanding customer needs related to quality management systems (QMS) performance. Micron’s Corporate QMS group works with other internal quality teams to establish and implement improvement projects in a timely manner and has a team specifically tasked to:

  • Develop a QMS program roadmap
  • Monitor QMS metrics and improvement
  • Develop QMS processes
  • Provide QMS training
  • Conduct external benchmarking


Monitoring, reporting and improving Micron's quality system through corporate and site assessments

Micron’s internal assessment (audit) program is critical to maintaining a consistent QMS. Our Corporate QMS auditors partner with a network of internal auditors to provide an efficient and cost-effective audit program. This program is aimed at promoting worldwide alignment and adoption of best auditing practices. The key deliverables of the Corporate QMS auditors are:

  • Develop an audit program roadmap
  • Publish the audit schedule
  • Manage the internal audit schedule, resources, and communication plans
  • Support auditor workforce development
  • Deliver internal audit reporting and summarization


Maintaining Micron's quality management systems certifications

Micron understands that maintaining certification for QMS is important to its customer base. Micron’s Global Quality Management Office group has a team focused specifically on staying up-to-date with QMS standards and certification requirements. This team works with Micron’s business units, design and development, all supporting functions, and manufacturing teams to:

  • Develop an ISO program roadmap
  • Manage the certification audit schedule, resources, and communication plans
  • Answer registrar technical questions and provide internal clarification and interpretation of the requirements to facilitate the compliance
  • Deliver registrar audit reporting and summarization
  • Anticipate and integrate requirements coming from new standards, and revision of existing ones into Micron QMS