Submitting your resume by mail or fax

Quick tips and information

To be considered for employment with Micron, you will need to submit your resume online. If you do not find a job that fits your interests on the list of current openings, you can create a profile for future consideration by clicking the My Jobpage tab. Micron provides reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities, if you need assistance please contact Micron’s Human Resources Department at 1-800-336-8918 (or 208-368-4748).

Placing your name on your resume

  • Your name should be the first line on a resume. Place your contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address) directly under your name. All other information should be placed below.
  • Do not use logos or special graphics at the top of your resume.

Paper considerations

  • Use white or very light colored paper.
  • Use standard-sized paper (8½ x 11) with the printing oriented vertically.

Formatting considerations

Please be aware of the following formatting considerations:

  • Use font sizes ranging from 10 to 14 points.
  • Use common font types. Sans-serif fonts work best (Helvetica, Arial, Futura). Never use decorative or script typefaces.
  • Do not use italics or underlining. Bold type and ALL CAPS are fine to help define sections of your resume.
  • Avoid compressing the space between letters or words.
  • Avoid using horizontal and vertical lines, tables, or columns.