Welcome to Micron's candidate page

You have been invited to interview on-site at Micron Technology, Inc. Information regarding the logistics of your interview and tasks to complete before you arrive for your interview can be found below.

Interview action items

Before you arrive onsite for your interview, please validate you have completed the additional questions as requested in the “Additional Application Information Required” email sent to you from Micron. If requested by your recruiter, please upload electronic copies of your transcript. Please note, that if you are not required to upload your transcript as part of the interview process, you will have to provide a copy of your transcripts upon hire. If you have not received this email, please contact your recruiter.

Review the following before your interview

  • Your recruiter will notify you if the position you are applying for is subject to Pre-Employment Drug Testing. If this does apply to you, please review the Drug Testing Policy below.
  • Drug Testing Guidelines
  • Please review Micron’s Benefit and Compensation Summary

Get directions to the interview

The interview invitation email that you received has instructions for what to do when you get on the site. Please bring that information with you to your interview to avoid delays. To get to your interview, visit our Locations page for site-specific directions.

Understand expense reimbursement policies and area tour information for out-of-town candidates

Domestic Candidates

For your convenience, Micron will cover up to $50.00 USD per day, per approved traveler for meals, plus $100 for incidental expenses during travel for your onsite interview. You will receive a pre-loaded Corporate American Express card to the address you provided on your candidate profile to use during your trip for food, parking, and other incidentals. Make sure that you have the correct address in your application. Please activate your card via online.

Should the card fail to arrive before you leave for your trip, it will be available to you when you return, with the option to use for personal expenses or withdraw cash. Withdrawing cash will require the card’s pin number, which will be mailed separately a few business days after the card in an inconspicuous envelope. While you will need the card’s PIN number to withdraw cash, the PIN is not required for standard use of the card.

Please review all included literature in the AMEX mailed envelope; if you have any questions, check out our FAQs, and if you still have questions, please contact, your recruiter, or the AMEX customer support number on the back of your card.

Driving to your interview? If you are driving to your Micron interview from more than 50 miles away, you will receive a reimbursement of ~$.55/mile round-trip. This amount will be loaded on your AMEX Reimbursement Card.

NOTES: This card may be referenced as a “Corporate Relocation Card”. Please disregard this title, and know that we simply use this service for travel expense reimbursement. To check your available card balance, please call the AMEX customer service phone number located on the back of the card.

International Candidates

For your convenience, Micron will reimburse up to $50.00 USD per day per approved traveler for meals plus $100 for incidental expenses incurred during travel for your onsite interview. You will be required to submit an Expense Report; please review these Candidate Reimbursement Guidelines before your trip begins.

After your trip is completed: Please fill out the Expense Report Form. Mail your receipts & the Expense Report form to the address on the bottom of the form or you may email your documentation (Expense Report form and scanned receipts) to

Area tour: If you would like to request an area tour, please contact your recruiter. If you have requested an area tour conducted by a local realtor and have not heard from your realtor, please email Human Resources.

Additional resources for candidates

  • For more information on Micron, visit our corporate website at
  • For questions regarding your interview, travel, or other details regarding your trip, please email your recruiter or Human Resources.
  • For questions and additional interest in learning more about the area surrounding Micron, locate and visit the local Chamber of Commerce website.