State-of-the-art memory design center in Atlanta

Opened in January 2022, Micron’s state-of-the-art Atlanta Design Center creates opportunities for top talent to join us in developing and delivering exciting advances in technology innovations like artificial intelligence, 5G and autonomous vehicle experiences. Our Atlanta team proudly advances our memory design and engineering leadership, while also supporting and strengthening the local community.

Develop and deliver our next generation of technology innovation

The Atlanta Design Center is recruiting technical talent to further advance our memory design and engineering leadership. We provide job opportunities across various STEM disciplines like memory and storage research and development; computer hardware, electrical and electronic engineering; modeling and simulation development; and business support roles.

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Supporting educators and our communities

Micron aims to build strong partnerships with many institutions in the region, including the Georgia Institute of Technology, Spelman College, University of Georgia, Kennesaw State University, and the Atlanta University Center Consortium.

Micron and the Micron Foundation are engaging with Georgia Tech to provide students with research experience and equitable access to technical know-how. Collaboration is underway with Georgia Tech’s Center for Engineering Education and Diversity (CEED), a peer-to-peer mentoring program that fosters growth in education and industrywide career opportunities for underrepresented students; on its winning entry in Micron’s COVID-19 UV robot design challenge; and on course curriculum and fundamental research.

Career opportunities

At Micron, we are recognized for providing best-in-class engagement, compensation, benefits, training and growth opportunities across a highly diverse workforce. Micron encourages its team members to seek balance between their work and home lives. And we follow Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) standards on working hours and offer flexible work arrangements for team members.

Micron’s values of people, innovation, tenacity, collaboration, and customer focus act as the foundation for how we operate and contribute to a culture of creativity and respect for all. Micron was designated a Great Place to Work®, and named to the Forbes list of Best Employers for Diversity in 2019, 2020 and 2021. We are also an employer of choice for job-seeking college graduates, and ranked 21st on Forbes’ Best Employers for New Grads.

We are looking for talent from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our new Atlanta team. Be part of the team advancing our memory design and engineering leadership and benefiting the community!

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Frequently asked questions

Go to the Micron career site, and search for jobs in Atlanta. You can also upload your resume to “get matched” to other relevant jobs.

 Yes, relocation benefits are available for both full-time and intern hires that are located more than 50 miles from their new work location. 

Micron recruits from universities across the United States. Check out our upcoming recruiting events here.

We have a variety of internships available at Micron in the U.S. At our Atlanta Design Center, we are specifically looking for interns to focus on design engineering, verification engineering and layout engineering. All internships positions are posted on Micron's careers site at the beginning of the fall term.

Yes, we will assess your resumes based on different position requirements. 

Micron is committed to demonstrating a growth mindset by supporting your development through a variety of educational opportunities. Our academic advancement program provides resources for you to attain higher academic and professional qualifications to expand your capabilities and perform at higher levels. Micron's investment in its team members deepens their level of commitment to our vision and builds a highly skilled workforce to meet our current and future resource and capability needs. 

At Micron, we believe that every team member deserves a successful and fulfilling career. Through our new Empowered Careers program, we foster the mindset, culture and growth required to support our team members through their journey. 

Micron offers benefits to all team members, including interns! Benefits include relocation, health insurance, paid time off, 401(k) contributions and others. Find more information on Micron's benefits program.