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Ceph Replication 2x vs. 3x: Micron 9200 MAX Reference Architecture Block Performance

This blog is a quick performance review of our new Intel® Purley-based Ceph RA featuring our fastest NVMe drive, the Micron 9200 MAX.

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DDR5 early collaboration with validation silicon enables the data currency of tomorrow

As systems feel the pressure of improving, the drive for increasing bandwidth for next generation memory is priority #1.

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2 Million IOPS in 4U: Micron 9200 MAX + Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.0 Reference Architecture Block Performance

OpenStack Summit 2018 is quickly closing in, and Micron has a new reference architecture to support OpenStack™ cloud storage and content distribution.

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Linley Spring Processor Conference: Quotes of the Day on AI and the Impact of Memory – Day 1

AI and deep learning is actually a memory business, not a processing business, says keynote speaker Linley Gwennap.

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Enterprises Choose Hybrid Cloud, but What Are the Challenges?

Micron brings a breadth of storage capabilities directly to the servers hosting your cloud workloads.

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May you live in interesting times.

We truly do “live in interesting times,” and Micron’s goal is to provide you with the best possible memory and storage technology for your solutions.

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Demand for DRAM is outstripping supply, but Micron has a solution

By thinking outside the box, we can work together to solve server DRAM supply problems.

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Why Memory Matters in Machine Learning for IoT

Everywhere we turn, machine learning is in the news. The predictive capabilities of the models that we can create is impressive--sometimes exceeding what even humans can do. Using these models, we...

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Deep Neural Networks in Autonomous Driving

Micron’s introduction of automotive-grade GDDR6 memory is the essential puzzle piece that will enable next-generation autonomous driving today.

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Flashback to MWC18 – Interviews and Insights

MWC18 may be over, but the excitement continues. Hear what company insiders from Qualcomm, Essential, LG and Micron had to say about mobile innovations.

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Why we’re excited about SATA – in spite of the NVMe future

In light of NVMe, why is Micron releasing new SATA drives? Because the SATA SSD segment still has a lot of life and gives us the unique opportunity to differentiate and deliver a winning,...

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Thought Sharing: Best Practices in Productivity

High productivity in manufacturing is crucial for an organization’s progress. Fernando Tjia, Automation Director for Micron Semiconductor Asia, offers best practices for manufacturing processes.

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