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Using a GPS to Navigate Your Way to a Smooth, Predictable vSAN 6.7 Deployment

When you’re navigating your trip to a vSAN 6.7 deployment, a Micron Reference Architecture is a bit like GPS.

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UFS and NVMe Storage Stack and System-Level Performance in Embedded Systems

UFS and NVMe are offering great interface speeds that allow systems to make use of the underlying speed of NAND technologies.

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Four Things You Should Know About Quad-Level Cell NAND Technology

QLC brings unique value. Here’s why.

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Do Data Differently: The Storage Technology Horizon

My vantage point as Micron’s vice president of Storage Solutions Marketing allows me to offer some trends and developments we might see in 2019.

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Flash Memory Summit 2018

If you’re a flash memory enthusiast like us, get ready for the 2018 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California.

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Accelerating the Apache Hadoop 3.1-based Distribution Ecosystem with Flash Storage

Big data means lots of storage and, as a major SSD provider, Micron is very interested in the advantages that enterprise flash storage could bring to this environment.

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When Does Cloud Computing Need Flash?

Small or large, on-prem or off-prem, cloud deployments are proof that a technology advancement can revolutionize how business is done.

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Memory for Autonomous Vehicle Black-Box Recorders

Micron’s system architecture team works closely with automotive customers and helps them to optimize the system and choose the right memory devices for such black box applications.

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Memory Driven: GDDR6 in Automotive

We are witnessing a revolution in the automobile industry: Consumers expect their car to be an extension of their digital world.

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Getting more performance with Micron® 5210 ION SSDs and a BI/DSS workload on Microsoft® SQL Server: platform tuning and tempdb placement

With the release of the world’s first QLC SSD, the Micron 5210 ION, our team has been tinkering away to find ways to further maximize its value with different workloads and enterprise applications.

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Securing Your Car’s Data With Flash Technology

Micron recently introduced a new opportunity to enhance secure communication inside the vehicle between the connected gateway and local electronic modules.

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Boost Ceph Block Performance with Rhel 7.5, Ceph Luminous and the Micron 9200 Max NVMe SSD

Ceph plus the Micron 9200 MAX NVMe SSD on the Intel Purley platform is super fast.

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