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Deep Neural Networks in Autonomous Driving

Micron’s introduction of automotive-grade GDDR6 memory is the essential puzzle piece that will enable next-generation autonomous driving today.

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Flashback to MWC18 – Interviews and Insights

MWC18 may be over, but the excitement continues. Hear what company insiders from Qualcomm, Essential, LG and Micron had to say about mobile innovations.

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Why we’re excited about SATA – in spite of the NVMe future

In light of NVMe, why is Micron releasing new SATA drives? Because the SATA SSD segment still has a lot of life and gives us the unique opportunity to differentiate and deliver a winning,...

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Thought Sharing: Best Practices in Productivity

High productivity in manufacturing is crucial for an organization’s progress. Fernando Tjia, Automation Director for Micron Semiconductor Asia, offers best practices for manufacturing processes.

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The Evolution of NAND – and What it Means for You

It is somewhat difficult to relate how changes in memory technology might impact you in everyday life. In this blog post I want to take the opportunity to shed some light on how the most recent...

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Artificial Intelligence in Your Smartphone? You’ll Need Faster Storage.

2017 was the year artificial intelligence finally arrived in our smartphones. Because the AI chips in these phones must be able to deliver speedy, accurate decisions from local data, they are...

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Evolution of Data Protection Schemes Takes Security to the Edge

Modern-day security schemes are evolving to bring tighter security to automotive solutions like autonomous cars.

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Take Full Advantage of Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Systems

Micron has actively worked on solutions to meet automotive system security requirements for over 25 years.

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Allen Holmes
February 26, 2018
5G Early Results Are In, and They Look Fantastic

5G is NOW! demanding more and faster Micron memory solutions to deliver the best seat at the winter games.

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To Reach Its Full Potential, Mobile VR Needs More Pixels—But There’s No Free Lunch

The rise of virtual reality and higher-resolution displays are just two innovations driving – and stretching – the mobile industry. In an effort to create truly immersive mobile VR, there needs to...

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Micron Named Among Top 100 Global Innovators for Sixth Straight Year

Some may be surprised to see Micron making the list for the sixth straight year. Many consider memory and storage to be static, and certainly not innovative. But the number of worldwide memory and...

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How we built the new Micron 5200 SATA SSD to deliver more.

The Micron 5200 SSD is built on the same proven architecture as the Micron 5100 SSD, but with industry-leading 64-layer 3D NAND to deliver best-in-class performance, value, and consistency.

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