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Big Data Takes a Page from High Performance Computing

As all of us know, Big Data is driven by the V’s—Volume, Variability and Velocity. With the advent of persistent memory, leading users are borrowing a page from high-performance computing (HPC)...

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Micron - Leading the Data Center Transformation

Yesterday in Austin, Texas in front of a packed room of customers, press, analysts and partners, and to an online audience of well over a thousand, Micron made announcements towards helping...

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NVMe in your Data Center – Preparing For Tomorrow Today

I’m no stranger to the storage industry so when Micron asked me to contribute to the NVMe conversation, I couldn’t say no. In this post, I will look at what Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Express (NVMe)...

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A Glimpse into the Venture Capitalist Crystal Ball

Last week we announced the production of TLC 3D NAND that comes less than a year after we first introduced the innovative 3D NAND to the market, delivering three times the capacity of existing...

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CES 2016: Bigger, Better and Broader

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest electronics show has come and gone. 2016 was a record breaking year - over 3,800 event exhibitors unveiled their latest technologies across...

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Micron Continues its Efforts to Support and Enable Wearables to Enhance User Experiences

For most people, a wearable is synonymous with a smartwatch or a fitness monitor, devices that have grown over the years into mature products. While there continues to be room for innovation in...

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Addressing Data Retention in SSDs

Recently, some tech sites on the web reported on a phenomenon affecting SSDs which could purportedly result in loss of data, particularly on devices which are stored in an unpowered state for...

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Micron Supports Memory Needs at Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen

In early April, I had the opportunity to attend the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Shenzhen, China. IDF is one of the key technology events where Intel and their ecosystem partners gather to share...

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Evolution of the Digital Watch and What It Really Signals

Like you, I’ve been anticipating the launch of the Apple Watch. For an interesting read on the evolution of the digital watch from a simple counter to a highly advanced computing platform...

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See It for Yourself! High-Powered Computing From Silverdraft and Micron That Won’t Break the Bank

The folks at Silverdraft are making a name for themselves building supercomputers and workstations that they design with the needs of movie makers and animators in mind. And Micron’s memory and...

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SilverDraft and Micron Make Movie Magic

Not that long ago, when I heard the term, supercomputer, I immediately formed a mental image: row after row of rack after rack of massive, hulking, loud machines crunching data that came from...

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Micron Shows Leadership in Automotive at Electronica China

This year was a first for me—the first year I attended Electronica China and the third year that Micron participated. From March 17–19, Micron participated at Electronica Shanghai with individual...

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