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Micron Is Virtually Unbeatable at VMworld 2018

Our team just came back from five days of innovation with the industry’s top thought leaders, subject-matter experts, and IT professionals.

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40 Years Strong, Getting Stronger: Meet the Pioneers of Micron

As part of Micron’s 40th anniversary celebration, we’re bringing you stories from our employees who were here at the beginning and have seen the company’s values take shape over the years.

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Micron delivers GDDR6 production performance as NVIDIA’s launch partner on GeForce RTX graphics platforms

Later this year and moving into 2019 will be when where the sensation of gaming and graphics will spread beyond the traditional gamers as the euphoria of what high end hardware capability extends...

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13th Micron Customer Lab Opens

Micron’s customer labs provide customers and ecosystem partners access to world class system engineering expertise.

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QLC Pushing Enterprise HDDs Into Obscurity for Big Data Solutions

As the economics of flash continue to move ever closer to that of legacy HDDs, SSDs are becoming hard to ignore.

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UFS and NVMe System Overhead

In all four examined workloads, NVMe performs significantly better because the storage SW stack is significantly simpler.

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Micron Announces Shift in High-Performance Memory Roadmap Strategy

Micron is now turning our attention to the needs of the next generation of high-performance compute and networking solutions.

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Persistent Memory Virtualized with vSphere 6.7

75% of servers in the market are now virtualized. Until now, none of those virtualized servers could take advantage of NVDIMM persistent memory.

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Using a GPS to Navigate Your Way to a Smooth, Predictable vSAN 6.7 Deployment

When you’re navigating your trip to a vSAN 6.7 deployment, a Micron Reference Architecture is a bit like GPS.

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UFS and NVMe Storage Stack and System-Level Performance in Embedded Systems

UFS and NVMe are offering great interface speeds that allow systems to make use of the underlying speed of NAND technologies.

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Four Things You Should Know About Quad-Level Cell NAND Technology

QLC brings unique value. Here’s why.

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Do Data Differently: The Storage Technology Horizon

My vantage point as Micron’s vice president of Storage Solutions Marketing allows me to offer some trends and developments we might see in 2019.

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