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Micron Celebrates Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, we met with Mike Williamson, (a senior manager & Veterans Employee Resource Group Chair) to thank him for his service and hear his story.

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The Great Endurance Race: SSDs in One Lane, HDDs in the Other

SSDs are a great fit for read-focused, emerging and traditional enterprise workloads.

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Linley Fall 2018 Processor Conference on Halloween: Nothing Scary About AI Here.

Linley Fall 2018 Processor Conference took place on Halloween, but nothing too scary happened, unless you're afraid of performance requirements for moving information or needing to run faster than...

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Colfax® Research: Micron’s 5210 ION Enterprise SATA QLC SSD Delivers 8x Faster Machine Learning

We’re thrilled to hear what Colfax found! Much faster completion times demonstrate a long-term view of Micron 5210 SSD value.

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Autonomous Driving AI

The automotive segment is experiencing a very high rate of innovation. But what is the status of security and safety in autonomous vehicles?

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Say Hello: Meet the World’s First QLC SSD, the Micron 5210 ION

The Micron® 5210 ION SSD, featuring Micron NAND with 33-percent higher bit density than triple-level cell flash storage, offers compelling economics for enterprise storage compared to...

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Stakeholder Feedback Shapes Micron’s Sustainability Program

The Micron Sustainability Council takes these priorities into consideration as they map out the goals they’ll focus on in FY19.

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Unveiled: Micron Student Center at the University of Idaho

Made possible through a gift from the Micron Foundation, the Micron Student Center will provide key services and resources for students to help with course planning and registration, mentoring,...

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Inside Our Factories: Documenting Micron in Singapore’s Manufacturing History

Micron is proud to have been featured in a documentary commissioned by Channel NewsAsia titled “Inside Our Factories."

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Five Things to Know About AI

While AI breakthroughs might seem to be all about software, hardware also plays a key role.

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Machine Learning: Training and Implications

Flash for a Rapid Training Cycle.

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In-Vehicle Experience: A Focus on the Personalized Zoned Audio

Micron has a long history and commitment to supporting the automotive market and we are excited play a role in ushering this next generation of in-vehicle experience.

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