Panelists: AI is already changing our lives

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a technology for the future: it’s happening now.

When we take pictures with our smartphones; when we tag ourselves or our friends in social media photos, or when our devices instantly translate foreign speech or text, we are using AI.

And the uses are just beginning. Enabled by advances in memory and processing hardware, AI is rapidly becoming the foundational technology underlying every aspect of life and work, from medicine to transportation to the news we consume, and how we consume it.

In this informative panel, experts from three leading technology providers reveal how AI is already working for and with us, and what each of them envisions for the technology in the years to come. You’ll learn about:

  • Real-time, continual glucose monitoring for diabetic patients
  • Retina scans to determine bodily health
  • The AI lifecycle, and where the “magic” truly happens
  • The real reason Moore’s Law is failing, and what will replace it

“AI is on the cusp of breaking out,” says Premal Savla, Director of Product Management at NVIDIA. “We are seeing it in every field.” Watch the discussion for a glimpse into what that means for our world today—and tomorrow.