Micron Gives 2022 year-end summary: Highlighting the power of collective action

Dee Mooney | April 2023

I am so pleased to write this as we kick off National Volunteer Week and release the Micron Gives 2022 year-end summary! The true power of our Micron Gives program lies at the intersection of our philanthropy, programs and people. In our year-end summary, we share inspiring highlights, innovative ways of giving, and underscore the value of collective action from our Micron team members around the world who gave and/or volunteered — more than 29,000 of them!  

You’ll read examples of how our grantmaking, giving programs and community enrichment come together to make a real difference in our communities. You’ll also see that Micron resides in the top five of the Benevity client community for Micron team members’ volunteer efforts. 

In the process of drafting our summary and preparing for National Volunteer Week, we collected many stories from our team members — stories about why they volunteer, where they volunteer and who they volunteer with. I am so inspired by what they had to say that I wanted to share some of that with you.  

We have Micron team members who are volunteer paramedics, ski patrollers, coaches, scout leaders, blood donors, mentors, search and rescue team members, animal rescuers, teachers, advocates and so much more.  

Jeremy Deim is one of the volunteers who shared his story. As an active volunteer for the Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit and Idaho Trails Association, he helps people who get lost in the wilderness safely return home. When asked what advice Jeremy would offer about volunteering, he said, “I think the hardest part about volunteering is taking that second step ... first step is signing up; second step is actually showing up to volunteer. Once you make it there, the volunteering is easy.” 

Jeremy is right; it’s easy to sign up and express interest. The true value is in showing up. When we look at our numbers for 2022, Micron team members showed up for over 3,500 causes between their generous giving and their volunteer hours. That is remarkable! 

Micron volunteers also talked about the friendships and joy that come from volunteering. They create meaningful, social connections with people who have common interests and the desire to serve their communities. Many were inspired to volunteer by their families and learned from a young age that volunteering is great way not only to give back to their communities, but to truly get to know their communities.

Another Micron team member, Kent Ho, based at our Singapore site, talked about the mutual joy volunteering can bring for the people you help. He reminisced on some of his experiences working with the Singapore Disability Fund, “For just a little of your time, you will make many people smile. And that is what it is all about. And it makes me smile too.”  

The volunteer work of our team members certainly brings a smile to my face too. The work of the Micron Foundation and the efforts of our Micron team members really do create thriving, enriched communities, building on Micron’s mission to transform how the world uses information to enrich life for all. To learn more about our philanthropic work, I invite you to read our latest Micron Gives 2022 year-end summary. 

Executive Director Of The Foundation

Dee Mooney

As the Executive Director of the Micron Foundation, Dee Mooney leads the Micron Gives program that encompasses the philanthropic efforts for Micron and the Micron Foundation. Through the Micron Gives program our company and our Micron team members create positive social impact in our world. We do so by creating equitable opportunities for underrepresented populations, enriching our community ecosystems and increasing access to STEM education.