Kel Guerin on teaching robots to learn for themselves

Micron Technology | May 2021

Ready Robotics is on a mission to fix the fragmented world of industrial robotics. The company has just announced Forge/OS 5, an open platform designed to make it quick and easy to develop automation apps across all major robot brands.

But they’re just getting started.

Ready Robotics is poised to make the next big leap forward, using advanced AI to teach robots to learn for themselves. Micron is helping, with funding from our Ventures arm and Micron’s AI expertise and deep learning accelerators.

I convinced Kel Guerin, co-founder and chief innovation officer of Ready Robotics, to join me in the Micron virtual podcast bunker and talk about his project to create a true developer ecosystem for the manufacturing and logistics industries.

As Kel put it, “The robotic space is a really interesting place with really important problems that have serious consequences for the world. Forge is designed so that even if you're not an expert in robotics ... we've built it so that developers can get into the robotic space and build amazing solutions.”

I think this is a fascinating field, and I suspect you will, too.

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