AI and medicine: Memory at the heart of AI

Micron Technology | October 2019

As parent of a cancer survivor, Micron Vice-President Linda Somerville is especially excited about the use of artificial intelligence in precision, personalized medicine.

Tailoring treatments according to patients’ DNA requires lots of data, she says, more than conventional computers can process in a lifetime. AI can crunch the numbers in minutes—but it needs fast, high-density memory.

Memory-maker Micron is up to the task, Somerville says. “We are AI-ready,” she says in this inspiring talk. “We are transforming how the world uses information to enrich life.”

Micron’s innovations in DRAM and NAND flash hardware are already providing the memory storage density, bandwidth, and processing speed AI needs to analyze vast quantities of information at the speed of thought. Ongoing projects, including with leading medical researchers, promise continual improvements making memory and AI better, smarter, and faster.

Tune in to Somerville’s inspiring talk to learn how the medical field is transforming before our eyes, and learn about exciting developments ahead in memory, AI, and precision medicine.