Advancing the next wave of AI for social good

Dee Mooney | September 2019

In the world of business, the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) seem limitless. At Micron Gives, we see similar potential for AI to reshape education, communities and the world at large and are dedicated to seeing these opportunities become reality through key grants and partnerships.

This is the motivation behind our Advancing Curiosity grant program. Launched in 2018, we dedicated $1 million to projects incorporating artificial intelligence that benefit society through good works. Through the program we have found inspiring work being done at universities and nonprofits that seek to channel AI into research that will help humanity without sacrificing safety, security or privacy.

It is comforting to see such a wealth of brilliant, dedicated people exploring new ways for this powerful technology to contribute to humanity. There are several notable and worthy causes, which is why we are announcing our second wave of $500,000 in grants in the United States

The grants support four exciting avenues of AI research:

  • A project at UT-Austin is using AI to combat the digital spread of misinformation. Researchers are developing prototype applications by looking at real life examples of damaging false information spreading online. The project has been awarded $150,000 from Micron Gives.
  • Graduate students at UCLA will receive $100,000 to study methods of fighting bias in AI and making machine learning more transparent without jeopardizing proprietary information.
  • At the University of Washington students will be able to participate in a program that uses data-intensive looks at societal problems to find practical solutions. The program provides hands-on experience in AI while simultaneously producing beneficial research. Micron is providing $200,000 for a scholarship aimed at supporting under-represented or disadvantaged groups.
  • Hard of hearing users have been left out of many AI assistant technologies based on aural interfaces. The Rochester Institute of Technology will receive $50,000 to support its project to create a more inclusive AI assistant technology.

These worthy programs join AI4All, the Berkley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab and the Stanford Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center, which were awarded initial Advancing Curiosity grants.

While AI is critical to Micron’s business, we also see the need to promote responsible research and use of this technology and guide bright minds toward this industry. Advancing Curiosity grants will attract gifted, diverse young minds to the industry while pushing for breakthroughs that benefit our industry, our communities and all of humankind.

We are looking forward to watching the progress of all our grant recipients research. Micron Gives will continue to champion these causes and the remarkable outcomes they facilitate.

Stay tuned

Executive Director Of The Foundation

Dee Mooney

As the Executive Director of the Micron Foundation, Dee Mooney leads the Micron Gives program that encompasses the philanthropic efforts for Micron and the Micron Foundation. Through the Micron Gives program our company and our Micron team members create positive social impact in our world. We do so by creating equitable opportunities for underrepresented populations, enriching our community ecosystems and increasing access to STEM education.