Women Elevated - A career reentry program

Welcome to Women Elevated, an empowering career reentry program at Micron that seeks to reignite the professional journey of women. Whether you took time off for family, personal growth, or other pursuits, our program provides a supportive platform to upskill, reskill and confidently relaunch your career in both technical and non-technical roles. Elevate your career with Micron!

Program overview

We understand that the course of life can lead to career breaks, and we’re here to empower women to reenter the workforce seamlessly. As a returner you’ll join Micron as a full-time employee from day one. For the initial 16 weeks, you’ll be part of the Women Elevated program, tailored for those returning to the workforce after a break. Enjoy a smooth transition with a supportive community, flexible schedule, mentorship and upskilling assistance. Elevate your career with Micron – where your comeback begins.

Our vision is a diverse, inclusive community of women, empowered to seamlessly reenter professional life, upskilled and ready to make lasting contribution in both technical and non-technical roles.

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To be eligible for Women Elevated, individuals will have taken an extended career break of a minimum two years, with flexibility, and 5-7 years of experience in their field prior to the break.

Career breaks might look like, but are not limited to:

  • Family commitments

  • Personal growth 

  • Expatriate

  • Military service or spouse experiences  

  • Micron alumni who have taken a career break 

  • Sabbaticals 

  • Volunteering

  • Retirement  

We celebrate the diverse paths that lead professionals to Women Elevated, and we encourage all qualified individuals to apply, regardless of their career pause reasons.

Program benefits

Your success is our mission, and we are committed to providing the resources and support you need for a triumphant return to the workforce.

  • Work flexibilty: during your 16 weeks in the program we understand there is a transition and provide extended flexibility during this time. 
  • Upskilling: Access a wealth of resources for upskilling and reskilling, tailored to the needs of returning professionals. 
  • Mentorship: Benefit from a supportive mentorship program connecting you with experienced professionals eager to guide you on your journey. 
  • Work buddy: Benefit from a supportive work buddy, who works in a simliar position as you and is there for added support in your department to help with your transition back into the workforce.
  • Inclusive opportunities: Explore a range of opportunities in both technical and non-technical roles, fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. 
  • Community support: Join a community of like-minded individuals who understand and celebrate the journey of returning to the workforce.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. You will be hired as a full-time Micron employee day one.

While the focus is on supporting women, the program is inclusive for all and individuals of all genders are welcome to apply. 

Absolutely, the program is open to individuals with a consecutive career break of 2 or more years. 

Participants will be paired with a business mentor to provide guidance on navigating the company and networking. It’s a personalized support system tailored to your individual needs. 

We understand the importance of flexibility. During the initial 16-weeks, participants can enjoy extended flexibility, including opportunites of working from home. After the 16-week transition you will follow Micron’s Flexible Work Arrangement guidelines. 

Micron offers a platform for upskilling and reskilling to ensure that participants can enhance and update their skills to align with current industry standards. Employees are also eligible for Micron’s Tuition Assistance program to support further credentials/education pathways.

While you can apply for any role at Micron, the Women Elevated program is currently hiring for specific roles in Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, IT, People Team and Finance.

You will know if a role you are interested in applying for is part of the 16-week Women Elevated program per the title and job description.

Yes. Micron is committed to providing continuous support during and after the 16-week program by integrating participants into a vibrant cohort community that they can rely on for ongoing connections.

Interested candidates can apply directly through our official job postings or reach out via email to for more information. 

Amanda Bamburg, Career Reentry Program Lead

Amanda, the driving force behind Micron’s Women Elevated program, is passionate about its mission. As a new mom herself, she deeply understands the program’s benefit to empower women returning to the workforce. With a commitment to creating a seamless transition, Amanda envisions a brighter future for women in navigating their professional comebacks! Reach out via email to for more information.

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Micron and Women Elevated are part of the STEM Reentry Task Force, the groundbreaking career reentry initiative co-led by the Society of Women Engineers and iRelaunch