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Micron Products

Serial NOR Flash

Our serial NOR solutions are purpose-built to meet the needs of consumer electronics, industrial, wired communications, and computing applications. Our industry-standard packaging, pinouts, command sets, and chipset compatibility are easy to design in, saving valuable development time while ensuring compatibility with existing and future designs.

By Density

Density Part Family Voltage Width Speed Package
2Gb MT25Q 2.7V-3.6V, 1.7V-2.0V x1/x2/x4 133 MHz T-PBGA
1Gb MT25Q, N25Q 2.7V-3.6V, 1.7V-2.0V x1/x2/x4 133 MHz, 108 MHz T-PBGA, SO16 Wide
512Mb N25Q, MT25Q 1.7V-2.0V, 2.7V-3.6V x1/x2/x4 108 MHz, 133 MHz T-PBGA, SO16 Wide, V-PDFN-8
256Mb N25Q, MT25Q 2.7V-3.6V, 1.7V-2.0V x1/x2/x4, x4 108 MHz, 133 MHz SO16 Wide, V-PDFN-8, T-PBGA
128Mb N25Q, M25P 1.7V-2.0V, 2.7V-3.6V x1/x2/x4, x1 108 MHz, 75 MHz KGD, T-PBGA, SO16 Wide, SO8 Wide, V-PDFN-8
64Mb N25Q, M25PX, M25P 2.7V-3.6V, 1.7V-2.0V x1/x2/x4, x1/x2, x1 108 MHz, 75 MHz T-PBGA, SO8 Wide, V-PDFN-8, SO16 Wide, KGD, W-PDFN-8, XF-SCSP
32Mb N25Q, M25PX, M25P 1.7V-2.0V, 2.7V-3.6V x1/x2/x4, x1/x2, x1 108 MHz, 75 MHz SO16 Wide, V-PDFN-8, SO8 Wide, U-PDFN-8, KGD, T-PBGA, SO8 Narrow, SOP
16Mb M25PE, M25PX, M45PE, M25P, N25Q 2.7V-3.6V, 2.3V-3.6V, 1.7V-2.0V x1, x1/x2, x1/x2/x4 75 MHz, 108 MHz V-PDFN-8, SO8 Wide, T-PBGA, SO8 Narrow, U-PDFN-8, KGD, SO16 Wide, XF-SCSP
8Mb M25P, M25PE, M25PX, M45PE 2.7V-3.6V, 2.3V-3.6V x1, x1/x2 75 MHz U-PDFN-8, SO8 Narrow, V-PDFN-8, SO8 Wide
4Mb M25PE, M45PE, M25P 2.7V-3.6V, 2.3V-3.6V x1 75 MHz V-PDFN-8, SO8 Wide, SO8 Narrow, U-PDFN-8
2Mb M25PE, M45PE, M25P 2.7V-3.6V, 2.3V-3.6V x1 75 MHz KGD, SO8 Narrow, V-PDFN-8
1Mb M25PE, M45PE, M25P 2.7V-3.6V, 2.3V-3.6V x1 75 MHz, 50 MHz SO8 Narrow, V-PDFN-8, KGD, U-PDFN-8
512K M25P 2.3V-3.6V x1 50 MHz SO8 Narrow, V-PDFN-8
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By Application

Automotive Certification

Automotive Certification

Design with confidence knowing that our Serial NOR is certified to meet AECQ* requirements (*with gap report)

Extended Temp

Extended Temperature

Choose between automotive and industrial temp to get optimum performance in extreme environments.

Stability and Longevity

Product Longevity

Design with confidence knowing that you have long-term support.

Secure Storage

Increase application security with advanced block protection and RPMC.


Featured Products

M25P: Legacy SPI Single I/O

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The M25P series is legacy SPI family offers standard SPI protocol (9MB/sec max), sector erase (uniform 64kB), small package size—enabling even smaller PCB designs, low density support (<32Mb). The M25P line also features an automotive grade option.

M25PX: Legacy SPI Single I/O

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Our dual-I/O (single and dual) serial NOR line offers high read performance (up to 19 MB/s), flexible memory partitioning (uniform 64KB and 4KB), and support for lower densities (<32Mb). M25PX delivers improved read speed compared to legacy M25P devices over the entire supply voltage range and also offers an extended temperature range, as well as an automotive-grade option. M25PX is compatible with the M25P family.

MT25Q: Enhanced SPI Multiple I/O Solutions

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Enhance read, erase, and program performance in your designs with our cost-effective 45nm MT25Q SPI NOR Flash devices—ideal for set-top boxes (STBs), networking infrastructure equipment (routers), industrial applications, and other embedded designs. The MT25Q enables you to read 512Mb of code in less than one second, perform sector erases dramatically faster than previous-generation devices, and program at industry-leading speeds of up to 2 MB/s.

N25Q: SPI Multi I/O Solutions

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Our multi-I/O (single, dual, and quad) serial NOR line offers dramatic read performance (up to 54 MB/s), flexible memory partitioning (uniform 64KB and 4KB), small package size, and wide package support. Based on 65nm technology, N25Q is offered in both 1.8V and 3V power supplies, as well as an automotive-grade option. N25Q is compatible with the M25P and M25PX families.

RPMC N25Q: Improve Security for Ultrathins With Monotonic Counter Feature

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We’ve partnered with Intel to provide one of the most advanced SPI NOR devices in the market. Our cost-effective 64Mb N25Q device with the replay-protected monotonic counter (RPMC) feature meets the security requirements of your ultrathin applications and is validated for future Intel® Ultrabook™ platforms.

M45PE/M25PE: Single I/O, Legacy SPI Page Erase

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Our M45PE/M25PE serial NOR line offers a standard SPI protocol (up to 9 MB/s), page erase (uniform 256 bytes, 4KB, and 64KB), support for lower densities (<32Mb), and EEPROM command emulation. Each 256-byte page can be individually erased and programmed, with a write instruction that offers the ability to update data at the byte level. M45PE and M25PE are compatible with the M25P and M25PX families.


Featured Technical Note

Land Pad Design for NOR Flash Memories

Updated: 10/2013

Featured Technical Note

Serial Flash Discovery Parameters for MT25Q Serial NOR Family

Updated: 11/2014

Title & Description Updated Type
N25Q (16Mb, 32Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb) General Low-Level Driver v2.0 (zip) General low-level driver for N25Q serial NOR. Download the technical note for this driver here.
02/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
Serial NOR Flash for PC BIOS Product Flyer (pdf) Key features and benefits of Serial NOR Flash for PC BIOS applications. 02/2015 Product Flyer Add Email
N25Q and MT25Q Serial Flash Stacked Devices (pdf) This technical note describes the features of stacked devices for N25Q and MT25Q. These devices are memory with two or more die in the same package.
01/2015 Technical Note Add Email
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