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Your Innovation, Our Memory

Your Innovation, Our Memory

Emerging technologies require innovation on a whole new scale. See how we partner closely with our customers to gain unique insights about how we can optimize our memory solutions to enable your innovations—and help you change the world.

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Memory for Automotive

Memory for Automotive

Technology is reshaping the concept of driving. Automakers are developing countless new driver-assistance features and systems. See how Micron’s memory solutions are helping to enable these new supercomputing capabilities.

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About Micron

Where there's memory, there's Micron

Engineered for Innovation

For more than 30 years Micron has redefined innovation by designing, developing, and manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

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Elpida is Now Micron

Elpida Is Now Micron

With the combined strength of our products, technology, and team members—our customers now have access to the broadest portfolio of best-in-class technology.

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Dan Skinner Receives Award of Excellence

Micron’s Daniel Skinner was honored with JEDEC’s highest honor—the Award of Excellence—for extraordinary industry leadership.

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Micron Blog

Doug’s IT Tech Tip: Don’t Settle for “Up To” Performance in Enterprise SSDs

I’m usually pretty easy-going. I don’t get excited too easily (well—maybe a huge sale on new SSDs, a double discount on DRAM, or free rail kits with a new server purchase would do it—but aside from that, I stay pretty calm and collected). So what’s got me wound up enough to write this blog? It’s the number of SSD companies—who, f...Read More


Enterprise SSDs Make Multibillion-Dollar Fab Fly

This case study describes how Micron’s own IS team reworked their fab data center architecture to gain better performance and reliability.

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Your Innovation, Our Memory

Emerging technologies require innovation on a whole new scale. See how we partner closely with our customers to gain unique insights about how we can optimize our memory solutions to enable your innovations—and help you change the world.

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Whether your design requires high bandwidth, low power, high density, ultra-low latency, or high speed, we have the DRAM solution for you.  Our DRAM, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3 SDRAM, DDR4 SDRAM, Mobile LPDRAM and RLDRAM Memory solutions feature industrial temperatures, high speeds, a range of low-voltage mobile features and options and the design ease of industry standard memory solutions for embedded applications, automotive designs, supercomputing, workstations, and more.

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We build our memory modules from start to finish—beginning with the memory component design and stringently testing at every stage of development and manufacturing. Our FBDIMM, RDIMM, VLP RDIMM,  VLP UDIMM, SODIMM, SORDIMM, Mini-DIMM, NVDIMM and LRDIMM solutions span generations of DRAM—from SDRAM to DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and beyond. They offer high density, speed , and reliability for applications like servers, ultrathin notebooks, workstations, mobile solutions, networking, and more.

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We do more than design and manufacture NAND Flash memory. We strive to solve design challenges through better engineering—by raising the bar on features, function, and performance. Our storage solutions offer features like low-voltage ranges, extended operating temperatures, increased bandwidth, extended endurance, and easy design migration with our SLC, MLC, and TLC NAND solutions. They make a great solution for applications like automotive, embedded, mobile, enterprise storage, personal storage, and more.

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Our fully managed and ECC-free NAND devices help make technology transitions nearly seamless by handling media management and error correction code (ECC) internally. Managed NAND frees the host controller for increased speed and system performance—and saves significant resources that would otherwise go to hardware and software development. Our standardized packages also ease the design process, helping reduce time-to-market.

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Whether you’re designing for wireless, embedded, or automotive applications, our extensive portfolio of serial and parallel NOR Flash solutions delivers the right mixture of performance, cost, and design continuity, backed by years of Micron Flash memory expertise. Our NOR features industry-standard densities, NOR security features, a full range of voltage operations that are perfect for the memory needs of embedded and automotive designs.

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Our RealSSD™ family of solid state products targets a wide spectrum of needs—from low-density, embedded storage, to high density, high performance client- and enterprise -class SSDs. SSDs are perfect for many applications from cost-effective embedded storage in automotive, mobile , and industrial and automotive applications, HDD replacement in laptops, desktops, and ultra light computing all the way up to enterprise-class storage solutions in our Enterprise SATA and Enterprise PCIe solutions.

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Our MCP product line offers a wide variety of devices, configurations, and package options, for the just-right combination of low power, high reliability, and overall robustness. These multichip packages offer NAND Flash, Mobile LPSDR, Mobile LPDDR, in a wide variety of packages and pinouts like PoP, VFBGA, TFBGA and eMMC in JEDEC or TI OMAP standards. We also offer NANDCode software solutions and Engineering Services.

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With HMC, you can move data up to 15 times faster than with a DDR3 module and use up to 70% less energy and 90% less space than with existing memory technologies. And HMC’s abstracted interface and advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) capabilities reduce complexity and deliver greater reliability—enabling your innovation and lowering your total cost of ownership like never before.

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