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Micron Products

NOR Flash

With one of the most comprehensive NOR portfolios in the industry, our broad range of densities, packages, and features offers the flexibility to fit your specific design requirements.

By Technology

Technology Benefits Densities Configurations Supply Voltages
Parallel NOR Flash
  • Fastest Parallel NOR in the Industry

  • Industry-standard densities

  • A broad range of performance options across the product line

  • Full product voltage range


Burst, Page, Multibank, & Multi I/O

AD-Mux for 50% less active pin count

Up to 266MB/sec Reads

1.8V Vdd

3.0V Vdd

1.8V VI/O

3.0V VI/O

5.0V VI/O
Serial NOR Flash
  • The broadest SPI NOR portfolio in the market

  • Full product voltage range

  • Industry-standard packaging

  • Extended temperature range

512K to 2Gb 50 MHz, 75 MHz & 133 MHz 2.3-3.6V; 1.7-2.0V operations


Featured Product Flyer

G18 Parallel NOR Flash Flyer

Updated: 03/2015

Featured Product Flyer

Serial NOR Flash Product Flyer

Updated: 03/2015

Featured Video

Committed to NOR Flash

Tom Eby, VP of Embedded Solutions, discusses the strategy and continued commitment to our valued NOR/embedded customers.