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Multilevel cell (MLC) is the most popular NAND Flash, providing the right combination of price and performance for a wide range of high-density applications.
Storing 2 bits per cell, MLC NAND is a popular solution for applications that need higher-density storage, such as SSDs, tablets, smart phones, and other wireless devices. MLC devices offer twice the capacity of SLC NAND in the same die area and are a good choice for cost efficiency.

By Density

Density Width Voltage Package Pin Count
2Tb x8 3.3V LBGA 152-ball
1Tb x8 3.3V LBGA 152-ball, 272-ball
512Gb x8 3.3V TBGA, LBGA, VLGA 152-ball, 132-ball, 100-ball, 52-pad
256Gb x8 3.3V TBGA, VBGA, TSOP, VLGA 132-ball, 152-ball, 48-pin, 100-ball, 52-pad
128Gb x8 3.3V VBGA, TSOP, n/a, TBGA, VLGA, Wafer, LFBGA 132-ball, 48-pin, 100-ball, n/a, 152-ball, 52-pad, 272-ball
64Gb x8 3.3V TSOP, VBGA, Wafer 48-pin, 100-ball, n/a, 272-ball, 132-ball
32Gb x8 3.3V Wafer, TSOP, VBGA, Die n/a, 48-pin, 132-ball, 100-ball
16Gb x8 3.3V Wafer, TSOP n/a, 48-pin
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By Application

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effective

Get twice the capacity of SLC NAND at a significantly lower cost per bit.

Density Range

High Density

Pack up to 1TB in a single package with our 20nm 128Gb MLC NAND


Featured Products

Enhanced MLC

Enhanced MLC: Extending MLC Cycling Capabilities

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Enterprise MLC (eMLC) NAND is designed for write-intensive enterprise applications that need a more cost-effective solution than SLC NAND. It’s an ideal storage solution for transaction-intensive data servers and enterprise appliances.

Our eMLC products enable endurance levels well beyond standard MLC products and work with either advanced ECC or BCH controllers. In BCH systems, our 20nm eMLC products are qualified for up to 10,000 WRITE/ERASE cycles with 40b/1KB BCH. While LDPC implementations and system requirements vary, 25,000 cycles may be achievable.

Let us help you get the most out of your enterprise storage application. We’ll leverage the latest processor, controller, and interface designs to provide you with the best possible solution.

MLC Plus: High Speed and Improved Endurance

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Micron’s 20nm and 16nm NAND products with MLC+ modes are designed to provide the performance of high-speed MLC while boosting endurance—making MLC+ an ideal solution for performance-oriented SSDs.

MLC+ NAND provides higher endurance than standard MLC but without the usage limitations of eMLC. When paired with advanced ECC methods, MLC+ can exceed the standard 3,000 WRITE/ERASE cycles. Well-engineered systems using advanced ECC methods can see endurance levels over 10,000 PROGRAM/ERASE cycles. SSDs that implement MLC+ capabilities can reach endurance specifications of 3 to 5 fills per day.

These parts also support ONFI’s high-speed synchronous interface (which improves data transfer rates) and come in standard BGA packages of 1 to 16 die stacks. Contact Micron for more information about adopting MLC+ in your design.


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Updated: 08/2010

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Choosing the Right NAND

Title & Description Updated Type
Shipping Quantities (pdf) Provides standard part quantities for shipping.
01/2015 Customer Service Note Add Email
Micron BGA Manufacturer's User Guide (pdf) Provides information to enable customers to easily integrate both leading-edge and legacy Micron's ball grid array (BGA) packages into their manufacturing processes. It is intended as a set of high-level guidelines and a reference manual describing typical package-related and manufacturing process-flow practices.
12/2014 Customer Service Note Add Email
FBGA Decoder Micron's FBGA Part Marking Decoder makes it easier to understand part marking. 12/2014 Tool Add Email
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